Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Flowers

It really feels like spring at the moment. I nearly crash the car the whole time as I am leering enviously at all the floods of freesias in everyones gardens but my own - how do you get freesias in your garden anyway? And then I did a shoot of a darling family yesterday in their own fresia patch (of course!) and it was just so glorious that I thought I would repost some images I shot of the children last year in all the flowers, be it the freesias, the nasturtiums or the wild flowers that seem to appear in all the farmer's fields. Perhaps a few of you may get inspired as it is a short window...

This one below is probably one of my fave images I have ever taken of Indigo. I had it blown up on canvas for Ben for Christmas and we are going to hang it in the stairwell where we can pass it a thousand times a day. It turned out she descended into a fever of 105 that night, but the moments before she took ill, she had this dreamy glazed over look in her eyes which I am ashamed to admit but I adore!

These were in my parents garden, but sadly they have moved from this house so now on the hunt for a similar patch - if anyone has one and is willing for my children to trample your beautiful blooms for an afternoon, please let me know!!

I shot these for our May Day party invite last year. The party never ended up happening as we moved that weekend instead, but love that I do it every year anyway as a document of the children - sometimes need a fire under me to get out there capturing them in all their adorableness - are they not the most edible little squidge muffins you have ever seen?

And of course dandylions are year round and never cease to bore me... how can making wishes on pretty floaty spinnie seed-petal thingies ever get dull?

And the burst of colour from a nasturtium patch is just breathtaking. And they grow so wild and anywhere - always easy to find a spot to roll around in.

So have a happy spring - enjoy the bursting blossoms and drop me a note if you want to capture some spring magic! xxx

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  1. stunning. and how cool is oslo with that hair?!?!


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