Monday, March 14, 2011

Marina & Jhan - Day After Session - Warwick Long Bay, Bermuda

Marina and Jhan decided that they were keen to get some romantic and unusual shots to remember their wedding in Bermuda, but they also wanted to be able to spend as much time with guests as possible at the actual event so a day-after-session was the perfect choice. Marina hoped to capture something funky that summed up their sense of adventure and love of Bermuda so the idea of riding horses in their wedding outfits on the beach seemed ideal. The couple love to go horse riding whenever they are on holiday and the bride remembered there was a stable nearby Warwick Long Bay. It was such a gorgeous shoot - such a joy to photograph and hopefully some special memories for the newlyweds.

I adore these images - it looks like the horses are nuzzling. As it turned out, they were just baiting each other. But I don't mind - the feeling is the same and it is such a dreamy location. The couple just loved this location and this sort of setting was what brought the couple to Bermuda in the first place. They find the rocks so full of mysterious spirit and the colours of the water just so enchanting.

This one below is out of focus, but I love the romantic feel...

Marina's necklace was so unique - it was lots of little atlas type maps that you could spread out into a fan or be worn totally closed up. Such fun. And there are her gorgeous rings again.

How hot are Marina's cowboy boots with her wedding gown - I am smitten!

What a gorgeous, glowy afternoon it was...

They rode their horses to the top of the ridge where the view is stunning - feels like you are on top of the world up there.

Down on the beach the newlyweds had a chance to properly ride. Jhan's horse became a bit frisky and started to buck while I was coming down the hillside so sadly I didn't capture the frightening moments on film, but Marina was terrified she was about to lose her new hubby. She had noticed the brown one was a bit wild earlier and so had swapped onto the spotted one and she was so glad she did, for she was sure she would have flown off while Jhan's strong marathon legs held tight and he refused to fall.

On the ride back to the Spicelands stables, the two wished I had been with them to shoot as well, for as they were crossing the road, they loved the expressions of the stopped traffic as they watched the fully kitted out wedding couple ride so confidently. And then the landscape down to the stables was lush and wild and Marina felt so out of her element in her dress. She kept glancing down at the very muddy trail and thinking that if she did indeed fall, that would truly make this a trash the dress session!

Marina and Jhan - thank you thank you. This was such a fun shoot - this is why I love my job - because I can capture real people making real memories in a beautiful way. I loved how this is what you love doing and that you did it in your wedding outfits. It was so relaxed and just made you happy which was so wonderful. You look utterly beautiful - especially so without hair and make up done - love love love. Hope you have an amazing honeymoon in Australia and I am so sorry I can't be there to capture you both on your camels at Ayers Rock! xxx


  1. These are beautiful shots. And eveyone looks very happy. They are the beginning of some beautiful memories I am sure. Keep up the awesome work!!

  2. Hello,
    WOW! Great work sacha. When i took the call requesting to wear a wedding dress on the ride i was a little surprised. They were a lovely couple & seeing these pictures was terrific!
    Best wishes from Spicelands


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