Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Star is Born

Anita distinctly remembers the exact moment that she and Rick settled on the name of their baby girl. One evening, shortly after they discovered that they were pregnant, the expecting parents were in the car headed out for dinner when Rick asked, "if if is a girl, what do you think we would call her?" Anita replied that she had always liked the name Estelle because it means 'star'. Within moments the car rounded a corner and saw a spectacular shooting star fall over Shelly Bay. It was an amazing moment for both of them and they've loved the name ever since. And now that sweet Baby Estelle is here, her parents have no doubt that she is a gift from above, just like that little star.

When Rick and Anita's dear friends, Daniel and Andrea, told the couple about their wedding plans in Provence, the two were over the moon at the prospect of a trip to France. The wedding sounded magical and they couldn't wait to see the incredible winery their friends had chosen as the wedding location. So when Rick and Anita discovered they were going to have a baby, they realised the pregnancy would be too far along for then to travel to the wedding after all. After their initial disappointment, they decided there was no need to miss out on everything. They packed up and traveled to France in the second trimester. And just to get a feel for how amazing the wedding was going to be, they journeyed all the way to the little winery, the Bastide do Marie, in Provence. As expected, it was a beautiful setting in fabulous countryside and they loved every minute of this first trip with Baby Estelle, even if she was still sung in her mama's tummy enjoying it. Apparently she thrived while in France and grew in leaps and bounds in Anita's belly. They brought back a crate with the Bastide de Marie wine to share with their friends to help them plan the big day and although the winde is long gone now, the memories still last, as does the crate. So it seemed the perfect vessel to capture tiny Estelle in her first weeks as yet another layer of good memories to add to the tapestry.

Loved these two in black and white too so forgive me for the repetition.

One of my favourite ways to capture newborns, and their families, is in the simplicity of white sheets. It allows all the focus to be on the intimacy of those first days shared together with a baby and all the awe that goes with those moments of togetherness.

Love both these versions too... sorry... just so indecisive!

Estelle was wide awake by the end of the shoot, but had to get some dreamy shots of the beautiful star that her parents brought - just love it.

Rick and Anita - Estelle is just beautiful as is her name. So happy I was able to capture these early days of the three of you together. Congratulations and can't wait to see how Estelle grows. xxx

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