Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve and Christmas Morn

The lead up to Christmas Day was so fun. I just adored spending so much time with the children and watching how important they felt. Now that Olso is six, he really was able to get into every aspect, from the giving of gifts, to the wrapping and the fun of giving. He would jump up and down with excitement at the thought of our faces as we opened our gifts from him and he had such fun learning to use the tape and curl the ribbon himself. Indigo was so into it too, though her wrapping skills could use a little improvement (mind you - they still soar above Ben's in neatness!)

I think my heart broke as Oslo wrote some of his notes. Can you see this one - it says how much he loves Indigo - and for him to write that on his own accord just made me melt a thousand times over.

I have to say, I was so sleep deprived this holiday and had nobody to blame but myself. On Christmas Eve, I didn't go to bed until well after midnight, even though we were home from our friends' house by nine. And then I woke at five, and was so excited about seeing the children discovering their stockings, that I didn't go back to sleep. They woke up at 6:15, but then chatted for a half hour before remembering that Santa had come!! Can you imagine? So We followed them into the living room and it was so dark so please forgive the blurred images but I was having a hard time focusing my lens. But the feeling is captured all the same. And although Santa didn't make as big a mess as last year, he still left crumbs everywhere and half nibbled food, but who can blame him if he has to eat something in every house he goes to! 

The kids were spoiled rotten. Santa had actually come to Oslo's school and when Oslo was on his lap, Santa asked him what he wanted. Oslo turned around and looked straight at him. "Didn't you get my list??!!!" he asked. Hilarious. Not even a letter, but a list. Just like to clarify it was a very polite and loving letter, even though he did get very tired writing. And Santa had indeed received it, for he had lots of fun goodies in his stocking, and then underneath were pressies of Star Wars lego and two real glowing Light Sabers. He has never even seen any of the movies, but is so into the paraphernalia nonetheless.

Indigo had asked Santa for a pwincess dwess and so he surprised her and also gave her this beautiful wand that is also a bubble blower.

Santa was kind to all of us - my sister and Tin Tin included - and we all were so lucky and happy that he knew exactly what it was we wanted. And also so happy that we hung the stockings in the fireplace upstairs since we still hadn't used it yet this winter or I would probably still be cleaning up Santa's sooty foot prints!

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