Monday, December 20, 2010

Melissa's Grannies in town!

You may remember Craig and Laura from their amazingly creative and personal maternity session. The two had loved the shoot so much, they were keen to capture Baby Melissa's first year at various stages and on momentous occasions. So what better opportunity than when both grandmas were visiting at the same time? The new parents had asked their mothers to come and help to care for Melissa after Laura had to go back to work, in order to extend the sweet baby's home time as long as possible. Both the grannies were so generous with their time and so when it came to booking flights, they made sure there would be a weekend overlap where everyone was in Bermuda together. And of course, this was a perfect chance to schedule the first of Melissa's photo sessions.

First up was Laura's mum, Trish, who lives in Ottawa, Canada. Trish loved to read to Melissa who was very alert and keen on her books even though she was only just four months old. 

 Next up was was Craig's mum, Bette who came from Oakville, Canada. She had just arrived so had lots of memories yet to make.

These delicious booties had been Craig's when he was tiny.

Melissa is also the first grandchild on both sides of the family so her arrival has been extra special for everyone and she is adored and spoiled just as she should be.

Three generations of beautiful mamas

 I usually prefer not to shoot babies after the first two weeks and before about five or six months. There are many reasons, mainly due to the fact that the expressions most babies make during that period if they are awake look utterly adorable in motion, but any one of the expressions frozen is often not how they really look. Sleeping babies under 5 months look more how they look naturally, but after two weeks, that is harder to make happen. So I generally only shoot over 6 months when wee ones are sitting up, grinning up a storm and more relaxed in their faces. That said, since this was a special occasion with only a narrow window of time when everyone was all together, I broke my rule. But I didn't want to focus too much on Melissa, but rather all the whole family all being together. But I did shoot one, and of course, her parents will know she has a thousand other looks, but hopefully this did indeed capture at least one of them.

I adore this series below - here her expressions are hilarious and just love her parents in the background making out!

Thank you all for such a great shoot - I am so happy you were able to all be together and enjoy this precious time with sweet Melissa. Hope you all have fabulous holiday and can't wait to see how Melissa changes. xxx

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