Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Holiday Home

Thought I would share some more images of our holiday decorations. Do so love this house we now live in - suits our style and spirits so much, mad as it is. So my friend Jen invited us over for a craft evening which we couldn't make, but when I saw what they created, Oslo and I decided we had to copy immediately. I googled 3d snowflake craft and found a video to teach us how to make these glorious snowflakes. Aren't they just so elegant and dreamy - want to make loads and use them in a shoot one day  - just so lovely.

Found these sweet little birds to finally put in my antique chinese bird cage.

And this star was another treasure found in my decorations this year - turns out they are all from my lovely friend Sarah who left the island a few years ago. Think because our tree was only the size of a cat last year, didn't really have to dig too far into the box before we ran out of room. But this house is like a maze and so full of nooks and crannies that it was such fun to decorate.

Ben is not the king of laying a fire so I decided to lay them in both rooms so that we didn't have to have a smoke filled room rather than a roaring fire - notice our kindling made from my parents' tree from last year - it burns so well - like a fireworks display - the kids love it. And yummy cedar logs on top - just the best.

My lovely assistant, Lana, gave me this sweet heart frame decoration - so thoughtful.

This is a glimpse into my second favourite room in the house - it is officially the front door foyer and it is a tower and I just love it so much. I use it as my photo studio since the light is lovely, and so of course have filled it with some of my mad antiques.

The arch is such a gorgeous detail and I had hoped my friend Shelly would be able to make a statue narrow enough to fit on the ledge, but in the meantime, I bought some willow branches and they just fill the space beautifully. So well in fact that I think I won't even need a statue there, but there is always room for another fun piece of art.

 This holiday has been one of the best yet. I am not sure if it is because we are so happy in this house, or if the kids are just at such a heavenly age, or if we are just aware of how incredibly blessed we are, but no matter the reason, and I am sure it is the combination of all of them, I am so very thankful for the holiday season. Merry Christmas! xx

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  1. What gorgeous shots, I love how you take the time to document your family occasions and only wish that we had you to follow us around and do ours too :) You are SO creative Sacha.. from the gorgeous table settings to the homemade ornaments & crackers, and the shots of the kids decorating the tree, hanging their socks, and wrapping, love all the shots. Happy New Year!


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