Friday, December 24, 2010

Indigo's Tree

You may remember I posted some images of Oslo's Christmas tree already. So I was finally able to replace the dodgy sad excuse of a cedar for one that we could actually use as a Christmas tree. Luckily she didn't notice and is incredibly proud of this one, and rightly so - it is so perfectly shaped.  But even if she had known about the sneaky swap, she is so good natured that I know she wouldn't have minded now that she no longer has to carry it. So a few days ago, we finally decorated it in our cosy den and although I couldn't find any lights (all my strings were too long and therefore too bulky for such a wee tree) we thought it would look funky to decorate the pot with the pile of lights instead!

I have to say I prefer matte balls, but the shiny ones do reflect the lights so beautifully (if we had them!) so I like to mix it up.

Oslo was smelling to find out if is smelled as heavenly at a proper Christmas tree - sadly not!

This is the first Christmas Indigo is really really getting everything. She is so excited about Santa and all the mystery that he holds. She felt so important decorating her tree, and so thoughtful about the placement of each ball. She is singing Christmas caroles at the top of her lungs and playing so many imaginary games and keeps moving the pressies around the house and making piles and sorting.

Don't you just love these dragon flies - no idea where they came from - they just appeared in my Christmas decorations box this year - I must be on the hand-me-down list of somebody with great taste!

 Aren't these little stars sweet - the kids stuck them on the balls when we had a craft day - so simple yet makes them a little different and festive.

And two of these angels miraculously appeared in the decorations this year as well - I just adore them - so dreamy and natural so one is on the top of each tree.

The painting below usually is there, but I took it down to give honourary attention to Indigo's little tree. Can't see my lovely angel so well, but the rest of the tree pops more so I think it makes sense, even though the painting is now hanging precariously on a hook on the back of the door so hopefully no big winds will slam it.

The den is our sumptuous room, compared to the living room, which is our Zen room and decorated in only neutral colours. This room is decorated in reds, golds and warm autumnal colours - delish and perfect for dropping the blinds and snuggling up to watch films on the shower curtain! Shower curtain you wonder - was that a typo? No - I am serious. We watch movies that are projected onto a white shower curtain (with little white decorative dots) - we just haven't gotten around to getting a proper screen and we don't have a tv so it hangs on a piece of bamboo hung with string over the roman blind's curtain rod - so professional. Who knows - maybe Santa will know just what we need for Christmas this year!

So Indigo - thank you for not minding that your Mummy is obsessed with the aesthetic and insisted on swapping the tree you wanted for one that had a better shape. And thank you for decorating it so beautifully and most of all with so much love. xxx


  1. Those dragonflies belonged to Sarah Hughes ! :) x

  2. so did the angel :)

  3. Aaaaaw lovely photographs... If I may ask, what lenses do you use? Thank you... your children are beautiful! :))


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