Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nubel Maternity

Laura and Craig were looking for anything other than the standard "cloth around the tummy" or "white shirt and khakis" photo session. They wanted photographs which would tell their story - not a story that everyone else had told already or even what people thought they should wear rather than what was really their own style. This was music to my ears. I consider myself a lifestyle photographer and I like to capture real people with all the quirky elements that make them so. So when these two came with a bag full of personal goodies for us to incorporate into their shoot, I was in heaven and, as a result, I adore adore adore these images!

First of all, they just wore their fave clothes - what they always wear - babe in the belly or not!

Laura's aunt gave the expecting parents the baby shoes quite early on in the pregnancy. She had a sixth sense that the baby would be a girl and she was right!

 When Craig and Laura just dated, they went to an Allman Brothers concert in Toronto. It was a great early dating memory so the expecting parents thought it would be fun to include that important part of their history in these images of their future.

Craig is also a huge fan of the Grateful Dead and went on tour following the band. As a Christmas present, when they knew they were expecting a child, Laura found matching tie dyed Dead t-shirts for the baby and Craig. The couple then went on tour last year and had a blast so these are more memories that they wanted to include in their photos.

 Laura and Craig knew they were having a girl and had already chosen her name. Melissa is one of their favourite Allman Brothers songs - it has a beautiful melody and such sweet lyrics and the name was also probably the only name that the couple came across that they both instantly loved. When they looked up the meaning behind the name, they found out that it is Greek for "bee" which made it all the more adorable and suddenly gave them an image to attach to while their sweet little love bug was still in the belly. 

I utterly adore this image below. I think it is one of my favourite pregnancy photos ever taken. I adore the simplicity of the way Craig wrote their baby-to-be's name on Laura's belly. I love that little bee and that everything else is soft except the letters and bee.

Love this one too with a wave coming up around Laura's feet, but for some reason, not quite as much as the simple image above.

This little guy is a stuffed bee - I can see this little girl's whole room will be buzzing in a few years - always fun and easy to get gifts for people with a collection.

After the beach, Laura and Craig were keen to capture some shots of them at their home and on the balcony at sunset. They love this spot most and it is their special place where they watch the sun set together and remember their past, enjoy their present and dream of their future.

We were lucky there was such a beautiful sunset that day - just soft and dreamy.

Laura and Craig - congratulations on sweet baby Melissa - can't wait to meet her in a few weeks! xxx

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