Monday, October 18, 2010

Joshua and Maxwell

Maxwell and Joshua are true to the all-boy reputation. They were a whirlwind to chase after during the shoot so it was perfect that their mama, Elizabeth, chose a location where the boys had lots of space to frolic and be boyish. The Botanical Gardens is one of their favourite play spots in Bermuda and so Elizabeth wanted to capture them in their element before the family moved to China to live.

Josh is five years old and was slow to warm to me, but when that secret smile revealed itself, it was heart warming. Speaking of hearts, he is sure to break a few in his time - those curls, those eyes - so beautiful.

Sweet little Max was 17 months at the time of our shoot. He was pensive and inquisitive and stayed close to his mum. I adore his look - those delicious almond eyes and elegantly shaped mouth, and I love how his colouring is so fair compared to that of his brother - so fun when siblings are on such opposite ends of the spectrum. If I were these boys' parents, I would keep having more babies just to see what came next! Doubt their parents would agree on that notion though.

I love shoots at the Botanical Gardens for there is so much for the children to explore. From the ponds with the water hyacinths, tad poles and guppies, to the pools with the koi fish in the greenhouse, there is so much to see.

One of the boys' favourite things to do is climb the banyans and pretend that the tree is their house, making rooms in the roots and climbing up to the different levels of their mansion. Such a fun place to let imaginations run wild.

Of course, what shoot is complete without a little treat at the end. These two finally plopped down and stayed still in one spot here they could finally enjoy their lollipops. Just adore this series with all their different facial expressions.

Josh and Max - thanks for racing around and just being yourselves - it was great. Hope your new lives in China are full of new and wonderful adventures and perhaps there are some great gardens there too. xx

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