Monday, October 25, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness - Think Pink!

I Heart Faces is having a Breast Cancer Awareness photo competition and so as you might have guessed, the theme is pink. Since I shot pics yesterday for Indigo's pwincess pahtie, I thought I would include the one I wanted to use, but Indigo said it was too serious. Given this theme is of a more serious nature - something we should all think about and I am sure a disease we have all been touched by somehow - no matter how near or far - I decided this photo is perfect for the week's challenge. I love how this image captures everything from the obvious pink theme, to thoughtfulness, to all that one can imagine a little girl will one day be, and most of all, praying for health for not only my own little girl in her future, but for all those who have fought, are fighting or will fight this battle.


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