Sunday, October 24, 2010

Birthday photos

So every year, I take a photo of each child, specifically for their birthday invites. This morning, I did both Oslo and Indigo's. I am doing their parties a week apart. Indigo's real birthday was in August, but since it was boiling hot then and most of her friends were away, we decided to put it off until school had started. So we had planned it for the weekend after the hurricane and you probably know what happened to our garden so no party was possible. In fact, all the mess still hasn't been fully cleared away, but enough of it has that we have finally squeezed our table back to its original spot and even through there is a massive tree root system blocking part of the space, we now feel we have enough of the garden back to have her party. Not to mention Oslo's real birthday is the weekend after we have planned Indigo's party so it would be too cruel to not have had hers yet when his came along.

So here are some invites from previous years - missing a bunch as I am hopeless at keeping track of where I store data, but enough to give you an idea.

And here are some of the pics I shot today.

Indigo is of course having a pwincess pahti - there was never any doubt - I teased her trying to guess what sort of theme she wanted and she was very upset (real tears, bless) when I didn't know. Oslo finally helped me out, desperate to make it all better for her. Precious.

Oslo is having a circus theme - not sure where that came from as he has never been to a circus, nor even seen a movie about one - read a few books with them in them. Have to say, being an animal lover, am not a fan of the animal usage under the big tops - seen too many PETA exposes on the cruelty to the elephants and the like, but all the other stuff is great so we will focus on that -coconut shires, tightrope walking, high trapeze -  the usual kids' party stuff!

I just had so much fun pulling together their outfits - I think they enjoyed it less but I know they will thank me when they are older! Probably not how they had planned to spend their first morning of half term holiday, but I love the pics and so it was worth all the grumbling as I dressed them! Hope you like them too! xxx

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