Friday, October 29, 2010

Bell Family

 The Bell's love seeing the water from their home and cherish this time in Bermuda while they can enjoy such a scenic view. Much of their life is spent loading on and off this dock to their boat - day and evening on family trips, with friends and family, and on date nights, so it made sense to capture the four of them in such a well loved spot. There is a peacefulness at this family's home and they give thanks every day so it seemed the perfect spot to capture their family.

Trent and Ivy are real buddies. They are less than two years apart and have such fun together, from jumping on the trampoline to swimming to playing with their puzzles and toys in the house.

Dave can always get the kids going on a game of soccer kicks and is now coaching Trent's soccer team. Brittany looks forward to their cuddles at night and reading bedtime stories together, with the addition of Trent now reading to his parents at night.

Trent is a little peach, a sweet fun boy with hair like sunshine. And he has the most amazingly long eyelashes.

Ivy is a sweet sugar pop and quite the little actress and dancer, full of expressions and so loving. Her giggle is contagious and got all of us going several times during the shoot - especially her big brother.

Brittany, Dave, Trent and Ivy - thank you so much for inviting me to your home to capture some fun memories of your family - I think at home is such a special place and where you feel most comfortable, not to mention where you spend the most time so it was just wonderful. Thank you. xx


  1. Is it possable the BW were better then the color? just super as always Sacha

  2. really beautiful ... they have flickr or blog?


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