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Amy & Peter Wedding - Grotto Bay, Bermuda

 Amy and Peter met by complete chance, but when they went out on their first date, it became wonderfully clear that the two were born to be together. Peter lived less than a mile up from the street from Amy and on that first meeting, the connection was immediate. They were overwhelmed by how much they had in common, from their love of food, holidays and sports, and always being on the go. The two have been together ever since, believing whole heartedly that "there is no love more sincere than the love of food" and throwing in a deep love for one another and children into the mix is the recipe for happily ever after.

Amy's dress was designed by Maggie Sottero and was found in a small boutique called Loren's in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. The bride's hair, as well as her two daughters' hair, were all done by a family friend from home.

The stunning flowers were arranged by Julie at Just Roses. Amy wanted to create a look that was very natural and soft but contemporary and Julie outdid herself.


Peter looked so handsome in his Calvin Klein vest and trousers, with his crisp white beachy shirt from Johnston and Murphy.

Amy and Peter opted for an intimate first look which I adore. I love how tender it can be, that the couple can actually whisper their real feelings about that moment rather than holding it in until after the ceremony, and that they don't have an audience. Not to mention, it is nice when they have more time after the service for mingling with guests rather than having to disappear for an hour to do group and couple shots.

Having both been in marriages that were not right the first time round, it was amazing for Amy and Peter to have found each other - for each to have found someone who fitted so well in with the other. They feel so blessed to have been able to establish a great family life for their three children. Peter has been an amazing father to Amy's two daughters and it has been such a joy for the couple to have their sweet son together - like the cherry on top of an already delicious treat! The wedding may have made things official, but these five have been a real family for a long time before they tied the knot.

The girls thought it was such fun to see their baby brother all dressed up like a little man in the adorable coordinating smaller version of Dad's get up. They loved wearing those gorgeous dresses themselves too, with pretty hair pieces and sweet mini bouquets just like the one their mama was carrying.

 Sweet Sophia is eight.

Adorable Emelia is  five.

Darling Tyler is eleven months.

 Amy's fabulous ring was created by Christopher Designs and found in Boston at E.B Horn Jewelers. Peter's ring was a titanium creation from Sach's Jewelers in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. The couple each had something engraved in the other's band. Amy's ring was etched with "All my Love" and Peter's was inscribed with "Friends First".

Amy and Peter love Bermuda and knew it would be the ideal spot for a destination wedding. They had taken a trip to the Island in 2009 specifically to find their wedding venue. As soon as they walked into the Grotto Bay Resort, they knew that it was perfect for their day. Since most of their loved ones who would be coming to the event had never been to Bermuda before, the couple wanted an environment where their family and friends could relax, enjoy the company of each other, and explore all of what Bermuda has to offer, and indeed what the bride and groom had fallen in love with so long ago.

Emily and Kathleen of Bermuda Event Solutions were the wedding planners and every detail was elegant and tailored to suit the bride and groom. Donna Lindo at Class Act Designs took care of the ceremony site and customised it to fit Amy's vision of a clean modern look using Japanese parasols next to the dreamy altar and delicate white paper lanterns to line the aisle.

It was incredibly special for the couple to have the opportunity to walk down the aisle with their children. To walk up to Pastor Smith as a family of five just felt right to them and was a completely spur of the moment idea that came about as they were all waiting in the hotel lobby together. Peter and Amy just looked at each other and said, let's go down as a family. They were finally officially uniting their until and so it seemed only natural to get to that point together.

The girls very diligently wrote an acrostic poem (something that Sophia learned about in second grade) and shared their words during the service. BERMUDA - B - Best day ever, E - everyone is here with us, M - Mom marries Dad, U - under a palm tree, D - discover this place, A - As a new family. I have to say, I love my job. I frequently cry at ceremonies and this one had me in tears so much I could barely see through my lens. I even apologised to one of the guests who was smiling at me as I fell apart!

Amy and Peter wrote their own vows. It was so nice for them to share with everyone how amazing it was that they had finally found each other. Typically, they are the couple who is always laughing and joking, so it was very emotional for their friends and family to witness this serious side of their relationship. All the guests and indeed the couple had a good laugh when Peter stopped in the middle of his vows to call Amy out - she was reading what he had written over his shoulder - something that was such an Amy thing to do, and so Peter to catch her.

The girls shed a few tears during the ceremony and Amy nervously bent down to see if they were alright. Sophia described that they were happy tears. They children were overcome with the emotion of them all finally becoming a family officially. They love Peter so very much and he has always treated them like they were his own children, and for this, Amy is deeply grateful for the gift she has been given.

When the couple had visited Bermuda in May to finalise their plans for the wedding, they had spent a night at Grotto Bay with Amy's father and step mother. They spent the evening tasting dishes and trying out drinks to offer on their big day. Needless to say, it was a very fun night. But the best bit was when Anthony Santucci suggested the couple try a very special lemon-lime rum spritzer. The lemonade was home made by a local Bermudian woman who lives close to the resort and gave the drink the perfect zing. Amy and Peter just adored the colour of the cocktail and the light taste was the ideal refresher to offer their guests during cocktail hour.

During the cocktail reception, the girls slipped away to go play on their own. I love the image of these sweet little angels spinning with the empty ceremony site beyond.

And when their mama joined in, it just made the images that much more dreamy. So telling of all that was felt on the day.

The theme of the wedding was centered around family and food. Peter and Amy love to eat out and enjoy the whole experience of dining, alone as a couple and together as a family. Both of the newly grew up in families where food was very important. The couple chose to honour some of the places where they had loved to dine or that have had special meaning to them by naming each table after a specific eatery. They included the restaurant that Peter's family had once owned, as well as the restaurant where they had met, where they went on their first date, where they loved to sit and have martinis, where they loved to go with their children as a family, and of course, the place where they became engaged. On each of the table cards was the story behind why the restaurant was so special to them and it was wonderful for the pair to have a bit of home with them in Bermuda.

Grotto Bay made the elegant cake and Amy brought the cake topper with her from the States.

Amy and Peter - I so enjoyed capturing your wedding day. Not only were you blessed with the most beautiful weather and locations, but most importantly, you have been blessed with knowing how lucky you really are to have found each other. Your love is inspiring and moving. I wish the five of you the best of luck in your new journey together. xxx

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  1. What an outstanding wedding! I want to know who made the bouquets and all the details! It’s fabulous, and of course you captured it beautifully!


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