Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Copeland Family

The Copelands picked the beach for their family session since it was the first thing they fell in love with in Bermuda with its vibrant green-blue ocean and pink sandy beaches. When Tanya and Kevin first moved to the Island in 1998, they lived right above this area. The newly engaged couple made many happy memories swimming, snorkeling and walking along the South Shore beaches. After the twins, Ben and Nate, were born, and then Matty, the beach became a favourite spot for family outings. From walking with their wee ones in baby carriers, backpacks or joggers, or all of them hiking as the children grew older, it never ceased to captivate all of them.

I first met Tanya in a parenting class with Fiona Dill of Great Beginnings. Tanya is one of those people who has a calm aura about her and I longed to be her new best friend forever! We even tried to catch up outside of the class, but living on opposite ends of the Island with kids who are not keen to be cooped up in the car for an hour on either side of a play date made it tricky. But now I have moved centrally, I have new hope that we can try again, especially now that I have met her lovely hubby, Kevin, and spent a fun shoot with their three fabulous boys!

These brothers all love nature and are active, playful, inquisitive, sweet natured boys, each so unique in their own way, and still the best of friends.

Ben, who turned five last week, is the adorable social little man of the family. He just loves people and his mama tells me he was born with his eyes wide open and looking right int to her eyes and taking the whole world in from the first moment. His parents always say they feel he has been here before - like a sage. He is insightful and very in tune with the feelings of others, quietly noticing if someone needs help or is upset. On the other side of his coin, he is also very sporty, loving ot play ball, bike, rung jump and especially swim. He is a little fish. His mummy says his imagination is vivid and inspiring - loving to pretend play or dress up, especially as a fave superhero.

Nate, who is 14 minutes younger than his twin brother, is the cuddly teddy bear in the family. His big bright eyes and heart felt little smile melt your heart. Kevin says that when Nate giggles, it is the happiest sound in the world. He has a quiet nature but comes out of his shell when he is outdoors so had lots of fun when we were at the beach that day. He loves to run, climb, explore, play hide and seek, just anything outside. He prefers the company of  a few favourite friends rather than a big crowd and his favourite things at home are playing, puzzles, music (his Grampy says he has music in his voice) and reading.

Sweet baby of the family Matty was 2 during the shoot, but also just had his birthday. He is the family's dark haired beauty and was an extremely easy and happy baby - good thing for his parents with energetic twin brothers! He has always loved to cuddle, is outgoing and people love to be around him, be them adults or children. From day one, he was a keen observer which may explain why he has done things so quickly and seems mature for his young age. Determined to be a "big boy" as quickly as possible, he did everything early - eating, crawling, walking, running, climbing, talking - whatever he could to do catch up as fast as he could with his big brothers whom he adores. He has the rare combination of loving and being very good at both sports and art.

Nate adores his wrestling and tickling sessions with his dad - they are in fits of laughter the entire time they are playing together.

Ben loves his time with his dad, especially when they play soldiers, Star Wars and Sports together. Being tossed int he air is pretty fun too!

Matty and his daddy love to play music together, and have wrestle cuddles - with lots of hugs and giggles.

Ben's special time with his Mummy is when she tucks him in bed at night - he loves it when she talks quietly to him while she strokes his hair.

Nate has a passion for books and so adores cuddling up with Tanya and having her read him stacks and stacks of books.

Matty loves it most when his mother rubs his head and sings him his "Matty" song.

Dear Tanya and all your lovely family - looking at these photos - it is easy for those who do not know you to think you have it all. And in a way, you do - not because everything is perfect, or always has been so - I know it has not - but because no matter what your circumstances, you are positive about where you are in your life. Your appreciation for all the good you do have is contagious. You are so thankful and aware of your blessings that good things will always eventually come to you. Thank you for asking me to document your beautiful family - I adore you guys! xxx

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  1. I always enjoy seeing your amazing pictures of such beautiful families.... but this one brought tears to my eyes! The Copelands are good friends and we have many memories of playdates in Bermuda when the twins were babies. They are indeed a special family with such big hearts. You captured that spirit in your photos perfectly!


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