Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Atkins Family

The Atkins family are nothing short of international - James is British and Kellie is American / Canadian. Only 8 weeks after their first daughter, Julia was born, the young family moved from Brussels to Washington DC in the States. This summer, they had their second child, Annabel. And of course, not to leave her out, the family planned to move to London 8 weeks after her birth. It was amidst preparations for this second trans-Atlantic move (two in two years!) that the family came to Bermuda. They were long overdue for a holiday, but with a baby who was only 6 weeks at the time, and right before their second big move, James and Kellie were looking for a week of calm in the storm of their lives.

This was Kellie's fourth visit to the Island and James' second. They family stayed with their close friends the Colemans, which was the perfect way to relax with a family who had children of similar ages and Kellie and Candice are old friends from university. Their last trip to the island had been when Kellie and James were engaged and foot loose and fancy free. They had come for Candice and Chris' wedding (which I also photographed!) and they kept remarking on this trip how much had changed in their lives since the last time they were in Bermuda.

Julia was 20 months at the time of our shoot and absolutely loved discovering the ocean and the sand.


Annabel dipped her toes in the ocean for the very first time during this trip which was perfect considering it was the first and last bit of summer the family enjoyed since the weather was cold, wet and not so sunny once they moved to London.

I love these ones when Julia takes off into the water in the blink of a eye. Thank goodness it was the end of our shoot for she was soaked and a bit miz after that episode!

I hope you all had a lovely holiday and looking forward to seeing you all on your next trip and documenting how much the girls (and your family???) will have grown. xx


  1. Sacha, these photos are fantastic! We're so so so happy with them. It was a lot of fun doing the shoot, but seeing the photos is the best part! Thanks again!

  2. These photos are soooooo beautiful! I love the variety, the moods, the expressions, the lighting, colors, textures and relaxed, natural poses. Wow!!
    Anne Brunner
    (Kellie's Mom)


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