Tuesday, December 10, 2013


This is the third time I have photographed Lila and she just keeps getting more striking with her incredible copper hair, porcelain skin and deep blue eyes. I love how dramatic the change is in little ones in less than a year, but one can still very clearly recognise Lila from her session last year in the freesias, or even those same little almond blue eyes in her newborn session. And at two and a half, Lila is properly a little girl now, so we had such fun putting flowers in her hair and playing dress up at the end of the shoot. She is very girly and loves anything sparkly so she was very happy for me to pop her in glam chairs and sofas, and drape her in flowers and pearls. So cute.

Lila loves animals so was riveted by all the animals walking around at my house during her session. One of her best friends is a little dog called Oscar and she also loves horses and has no fear when it comes to riding them.

Apparently Lila is a budding photographer and all she wants to do when her parents take photos is to grab the camera so I was very lucky she just posed so beautifully for me. Perhaps Santa will be good to this little angel so her mummy and daddy's lives become easier when she is focused on taking pictures with her own camera instead of theirs.

This was my first session indoors at my new house so it was very exciting when I discovered the light in my dining room is fabulous!

Lila - it was such fun to see you again and wishing you the best of luck becoming a big sister in a few weeks - you will be amazing! xxx

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