Sunday, December 22, 2013

Davinder, Sian, Rohan & Lorin

This was Davinder and Sian's first family photo shoot and so they booked a mini session to capture the children at this stage. The sun was in and out so we had to stop and start quite a bit, but the kids had fun with tea sets and teddies which is the most important!

Rohan has bags of energy and loves running and jumping around. He loves animals so was very interested in my kitties during our shoot which was very cute.

 Sweet baby Lorin just turned one and adores her big brother. She just started to walk so now follows Rohan wherever he goes, much to his annoyance!

At home, these two love to play tea party so I set up a little scene in my garden for their mini session. I love the image of little ones playing grown up tea party - such a sweet memory of childhood.

Thank you all for a lovely shoot - the weather was a little up and down, but we captured your sweet family in the end! xxx

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