Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Welcome Baby Elena

Sweet little Elena didn't come to me until she was almost three weeks old. I know that is still so tiny, but I actually don't generally do newborn sessions after 14 days old as little ones start to wake up!! But Elena slept like a star and we were able to pop her all over my house in her Christmas basket.

She was already 8.3 lbs when she was born so I think this was about the last day we could try squish her into the basket - love the way her little legs flop out the side - can you imagine being comfortable sleeping in a basket?

Elena woke up as soon as she arrived at the house so we shot a few of her awake. Never easy in those first three or four months to photograph a baby awake as for some reason, their expressions when frozen are not as cute as when they are all strung together.

Mama bear Laila and Papa bear Martin worked well to get her back to sleep after they slipped her into the darling little reindeer outfit I had dressed my son in nine years earlier, and my daughter seven years ago. I was so happy to see it worn again - it is just such a fun little Christmas costume.

It is usually tricky to get a shot like this as the parents always swoop in the moment the deterioration starts, but I try to explain that it is sort of fun to have a photo like this too to capture all the different sides of life as a newborn - don't you love her little eyebrows the way all the blood has completely drained from them in her fury. But nothing a little cuddle and milk couldn't fix.

Thank you Laila and Martin for bringing Elena over to meet me - she was an angel and I love that we captured the Christmas theme. No better Christmas present than a healthy beautiful baby. Congratulations xxx

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