Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Taryn, David, Ella & Hannah

Having been living in Bermuda since 2008, David and Taryn's girls were born beach babies and the family spent many an afternoon playing in the sand, swimming in the sea and just enjoying the Bermuda way of living. They decided t0 move back to their beloved South Africa this year so that their girls would grow up around their close knit family and get to know the country they so love. Hard decision as life in Bermuda is so blissful, but before leaving, the family wanted to capture some happy memories of their life here.

The five balloons represent their five years in Bermuda which I thought was such a sweet detail to add to the fun of the photos.

Ella was born two years after the couple moved to the island and in true beach baby fashion, her first word was "turtle" - too cute.

Hannah was born this year and their second beautiful blessing. She was such a smiler and so good as usually on a beach, tiny babies just grab for the sand and face plant early which never makes for good photos, but this little one just grinned!

Couldn't let them leave without capturing a shot of Bermuda's incredible pink sand!

I hope you are all settled into your new life and enjoying not being connected to phones and internet!! Happy memories xxx

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