Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lila in the Freesias

You may not recognise this delicious little red head from her first photo shoot last year - I could not have dreamed those sweet wisps of hair would grow into such stunning copper hues - I was just smitten the entire shoot. We planned the second mini session at my home, but at the last minute, since I knew the freesias didn't have much longer before they disappeared, we chose a field of flowers for the session. Lila was as much an angel for this session as she was for the first one when she was only eight weeks old.

I like to play around with different processing since the shoots would otherwise seem a little samey, albeit each image in those blossoms so lovely!

Thank you Lila for being such a little love and so tolerant with all the patches of flowers we plopped you in - you were bemused but patient and very good natured about it all - lucky Mummy and Daddy having such a sweet soul in their lives xxx

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