Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Flora and Eliza

I was thrilled to hear from Susan telling me that sweet Baby Eliza had grown up so much and that Flora was just so darling with her little sister that she couldn't wait to do another shoot with her two delicious girls. I couldn't wait to see how much Eliza had changed since her newborn session last summer so we booked a mini session here in my divinely over grown garden. 

I had the grand idea of having piles of pearls spilling over from tea pots, for if there is one thing little girls love, it is tea parties and so I thought this was a fun and glamourous twist. But twist it did indeed turn out to be, not even two minutes into our shoot.

Baby Eliza's teapot fell off the daybed and although Susan had already swept in a couple of times thinking her little love might topple head first, she had always balanced herself and was fine. Except when the teapot toppled, Eliza leaned over to reach for it and of course went head first off the bed.

 I know it is only a foot off the ground, but landing on the top of the teapot was not ideal and both Susan and I were utterly traumatised. I was on the phone to the hospital in a flash and raced to get ice. Poor Eliza was beside herself, probably more with fright but also I imagine so much pain. But as the minute passed and we tried to calm the baby and ourselves, we came to realise that perhaps it was not as serious as we had originally imagined. Eliza snacked and whimpered and after about an hour, she was in good enough spirits for us to want to distract her by showing her the back garden with all its over grown flowers.

Just to see how she would fare, we plopped her in the foliage...

... and before we knew it, the little love bug was giggling away.

Flora hopped into the flowers as well and in no time, the two sisters were having fun and laughing - it was such a relief.

All Flora's kisses certainly made things better for Eliza I am sure.

And so after all the drama, I think we managed to sneak quite a few darling images out of the afternoon. Susan - I hope everything is ok and that these photos will help you over the stress of it all. Sending love and healing vibes and please give Eliza some Arnica - don't know why I didn't think of it in the first place! xxx

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