Monday, August 27, 2012

Welcome Baby Eliza

This is Eliza - a gorgeous little soul who has joined her amazing family which you may remember from their recent maternity session. Everyone was very excited about Eliza's arrival and Flora didn't take off her Big Sister shirt for the first 48 hours!

Tom and Susan were in love at first sight. They were grateful she waited until after Cup Match to come so that they could have some last moments of one on one time with Flora before the full on new baby in the house time began. On the Sunday evening, Eliza let Susan know of her imminent arrival and gave her mama just enough time to cuddle Flora to sleep before they jumped in the car at 10:21. They barely made it into the Maternity Ward when Eliza arrived at 10:43pm.

Although she is still getting used to her baby sister, and of course had not quite become used to sharing her mama and daddy, nonetheless, there are astounding moments of sweetness between the two girls that move her parents to tears.

Flora took me to explore her room this time while her Mummy tried to get the baby to go to sleep. We had a great time.

I loved this wine box they brought out to place the baby in - love it when there are personal objects used in photos - it just makes the shoot that much more special.

Thank you all for another beautiful shoot. Congratulations on another gorgeous girl - Eliza is delicious and if she is anything like her sister, she will grow into an even more delectable little love bug! xxx

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