Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend Bliss

Easter weekend was just so lovely - spring is here and although it has been unseasonably cold, we had lots of sunshine and even more fun. Good Friday was filled with friends, the beach, good food and a little less kite flying than we would have liked. Saturday was play dates, egg decorating and I went on a treat making frenzy, and then Sunday was reaping the benefits of all that time in the kitchen and crafts table!

The kids woke very early and Indigo came in my room crying, saying that the Easter Bunny didn't love them and had not come this year. I have to say, I was a little surprised to hear this so we went back into their room where Oslo discovered their treats were lying on a wee table in the middle of their room. We guessed that since their bedroom was such a mess and their bedside tables so cluttered, perhaps there was no space for the Bunny to leave their baskets on their bedside tables. But as soon as the treasure was found, the two eagerly tucked in to see what had been left. Clearly the Easter Bunny knows our family very well, for there were no commercial chocolate eggs or tacky placky extras. The Easter Bunny clearly knows what kind of treats the kids are allowed as they were all organic and made from real fruits and nuts so I was impressed, and the toys very tiny and made from rubber. The baskets were made from elephant ivy leaves and the nest stuff inside was Spanish moss. Aside from being better for the planet, they were also very beautiful. Oslo noticed the Easter Bunny must have borrowed some pins from my sewing kit to keep the leaves in basket form, for they looked just the same as the pins we have!  As Oslo pointed out, he must have even borrowed from our cupboard the little recycled pots for their fruit nut treats, since we have the same ones left over from Indian take out. Wow Easter Bunny - thank you so much for being so in synch with our family!!

How sleepy and disheveled do these two look - it is crazy how they get up so early on the mornings after someone special like Santa, the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny has visited.

We had a big family and friends Easter breakfast and the weather was so glorious we ate outside which just made me so very very happy. I couldn't wait for us to all finish our breakfast so I could bring out dessert!

Here are the treats I created. I never use recipes but rather just chuck ingredients in the mixer and see what comes out. I blended unsweetened cocoa with maple syrup and  melted coconut oil and dipped the strawberries in the divine goo which turned out to be a great success which was unexpected as this was my first try. I wish we had bought some of those heavenly local strawberries from J&J Produce since these imported ones didn't cut it on the taste or eco front, although at least they were organic. The treats on the right look just like my chocolate treats but were actually fruit nut creations with prunes, dates, chia seeds, flax seeds, ground up nuts and all sorts of other healthy delights. I think I put so many seeds in that the sourness of the dried fruits was lost a bit so I threw in a splash of some of that 50/50 Berry juice that is so potent it gave just the kick I was looking for. Below are my regular chocolate treats, with some walnuts thrown in for good measure and of course I never forget to add all my seeds, Greens Plus and Spirulina - yum!

After breakfast, we hid all the decorated eggs and some of the plastic ones from years gone by in the romantically overgrown back garden. It was perhaps a little too difficult as the kids didn't end up finding all the eggs, but an adventure all the same.

Hope everyone had as wonderful an Easter as we did. I feel so very blessed and thankful for my wonderful family and friends and how happy they make me. Life is such a beautiful thing and I feel so lucky to be able to experience all these incredible moments as my littles grow up. So thank you, as always, Oslo and Indigo, for being the deliciously delightful little sausages that you are. xxx

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