Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Samantha is almost two

This is Samantha's second mini session and she is now 20 months old and is just starting to become a little chatterbox. Her mummy decided that we had to do the shoot in the freesias while they were in bloom since every time they drive by Aberfeldy nurseries, little Sam yells out "Flowers!".

Samantha is so busy now. She was only smitten with the freesias for a moment before scooting down the hill became a much more fun activity.

By the end of the shoot, Sam was tired and wanted her nap. I love the little tear stained cheek and her mama's sweet smiling face making it all better.

Thank you Samantha for coming to frolic in the freesias with me - it is so fun to see how you have grown and changed and to see your sweet little nose still scrunches up the way your daddy's does still! Happy spring! xxx

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