Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Dream in Her Dream Catcher

Indigo climbed into bed with us one morning, as she and Oslo do every morning when they wake up. She always shares her dreams from the night before. On this morning, this was what she had said...

"I have a dream in my dream catcher..."

"... and Mummy, you went into a shop and there were lots of daddies standing there in boxes on the shelves with tags. All the daddies had their eyes closed, but Daddy winked at you and so you picked him! And on the side of the boxes were all the children you would have with the different daddies and when you saw the pictures of me and Oslo, you knew Daddy was the daddy you wanted!"

I could have wept it was so adorable, so beautiful, so totally incredible and original - someone needs to make a movie about this - Pixar - royalties for my daughter please!!!

Happy Wednesday.


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