Friday, April 19, 2013

Nadia in Petals

This glorious girl is Nadia! I had such a lovely shoot with her, and despite the freezing temperatures that day (relatively speaking in Bermuda terms!), we managed to capture some wonderful shots without the poor frozen girl grimacing at all. The ever amazing make up artist, Natasha Rosdol, enhanced Nadia's natural beauty with a palette of autumnal hues to highlight the sumptuous orange orchids, supplied by fabulous florist, Petals, which has just today opened a new shop in Hamilton on Queen Street at the old Card Cove.

Petals very generously donated these flowers for the shoot and so I was excited to try to make it seem as if Nadia was lying in a sea of orchids. Of course I am not a botanist enough to know the variety of these orchids, though I know they have a special name, but to me, whether I know their genus or not, they are utterly stunning and the addition of flowers really can take a shoot to an entirely different level of artistry - so simple yet so fun. She looks a little lion in the image below which I am not sure if I like or not, but again, always fun to try different ideas. In celebration of the opening of their new space on Queen Street, the florist asked several artists from around the island to produce some art inspired by their eclectic collection of flowers. I did a shoot with my children including their blooms, but Petals offered some more flowers to me the following week and since I had this shoot with Nadia booked already, I couldn't resist including some fabulous flowers in this glam session.

Nadia was a complete star while we were shooting outside, for she looks so regal and serene in these images, yet if you look closely, you will see her skin covered in goosebumps and I am sure she simply wanted to cry.


You may have seen my Princess and the Pea (and the Prince!) shoot I did with my children in February. I had flowers from Petals for that shoot and indeed ended up printing one of those for their show they are hosting at the moment in their new shop. After their shoot, since it took an eternity to set up the bed, I left it out in the garden for over a week covered in tarp, which as you can imagine, was very attractive, but worth the wait, for I was thrilled to have an adult version of the setting.

Thank you Nadia for such an amazing shoot - I know you were so cold but you can't tell from these photos and you look utterly gorgeous as ever. Thank you Petals for the stunning flowers - they really made the shoot - congratulations on the opening of your new shop - can't wait to pop in and see all the magic! xxxx

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