Friday, October 26, 2012

Rosabel is 9 months

Rosabel Mei is now nine months old and is such a little personality. I first photographer her when she was only seven days old and she was either nursing, snoozing, or sobbing so didn't quite get a chance to get to know her but my how she has blossomed into such a little love bug. Her mama, CC told me that this little one definitely lives up to her Dragon (she was born in the year of the Dragon in Chinese astrology) and makes it very clear what she likes and doesn't like. But she also loves to give hugs and kisses and has clearly been everything to her parents since she arrived.

Rosabel came to my home with her mummy and daddy for a mini session and she wore her favourite tutu and borrowed a flower for her hair. They all cuddled on the daybed and the light held out just long enough to capture this dreamy family together.

Little Rosabel is definitely a daddy's girl and just lit up whenever Arthur launched her into motion.

And it was so sweet for when they were all sitting together, even when I asked for the baby to be moved onto her daddy's lap, she still had a little pudgy hand reaching out to hold onto her mummy.

We tried draping her in pearls but they were clearly too delicious just to be worn so we scrapped that idea, but then Rosabel realised she was not in either of her parents arms which didn't sit well either so we never quite caught that gleeful face on her own that she would share when she was being cuddled.

Rosabel was such a snuggle muffin with her mama and papa bears, but was not at all keen on sitting on her own and in the end, it was all just too much. She didn't just cry out, but real tears streamed down her face so we knew she had had enough. But in the same way I loved to capture the joy as well as the tears in the newborn session, thought it was fun to see that same little face again 9 months later. Poor little love. We stopped torturing her after these last two photos - I promise!

So lovely to see you all again and to see how much Rosabel has grown and changed, yet still the sweet little person as she was when she was first born. So happy for you all. xxxx

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