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Tricia & Joel - Bermuda Beach Wedding

When Joel and Tricia met, they each knew that this was something big... something... special. Tricia had popped into her sister's office one day for lunch and Joel had seen her. Two weeks later, he asked her sister to set him up with Tricia. And ever since that first date, Tricia says she has fallen more in love with him, and Joel with her. Together, they believe they make one another better people than they were before, and as a couple, are truly blessed to have found each other.

Tricia's dress was from Pronovias in NYC. 

Her sparkly snake skinned pee-a-boo heels as well as ehr gladiator flats were both designed by Jimmy Choo. She was madly in love with these wedges and wore then dancing around their apartment, excited to break them in and beyond excited to finally wear then on the wedding day. Joel found his bride's love affair with a pair of shoes hilarious, as I am sure many men do. If only they understood. I am a barefoot girl, yet still, I understand!!!

The couple found their rings at Graff in New York City. One night in a bar, Tricia had drawn Joel a picture of what she would love. He went out and designed it all by himself and she was happily surprised at the fabulous result and couldn't have been more thrilled. After the engagement, the two went out and chose their wedding bands together.

Touching moment between Tricia and her mother - sweet letter and pressie from a very thoughtful daughter! They were mother of pearl earrings that Tricia had found on the island and her mother was so taken back and the bride loved that. She had no idea the gift was coming and her daughter was thrilled to have moved her this way. Tricia feels her mother deserves a gold medal after all she did for herself and Joel. 

Tricia's bracelet was a gift from her mother that they picked out together - very special memories.

The bride had her hair and makeup done at the Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont Southampton Hotel. Lynn did her make up and the "Fabulous-Patience-of-a-saint" Bobbi spent many hours helping Tricia come up with just the most perfect hairstyle. She was smitten with the way her hair was done - just loved it! Me too!


Sally Sedgwick from Flowers by Gimi designed the stunning bouquets and wedding flowers.

One of the most special things at the wedding was this small picture frame attached to Tricia's bouquet. It held a photo of her father which her mother had given her. Her mother said it was a way for Tricia to keep him with her all day, and for him to be there on her wedding day as Tricia had always dreamed he would have been. Like this, he was there to walk her down the aisle and every time she laid eyes on it before the wedding, it made her cry.

The bride's something old were the earrings, which were a gift from her father to her mother and Tricia was beyond touched when her mum offered them to be worn on her wedding day. Her something new was the delicate necklace, which was a gift from her mother. Her mum gave it to Tricia and told her that it was from her and her dad, who passed in 2003. She had been looking for almost a year for the perfect necklace and finally found the one, and what do you know - it was the same day as her father's ten years anniversary of his passing. The something borrowed was her sister's veil and her something blue was her darling pair of knickers which were the wedding colours of Tiffany blue with a yellow bow.

The wedding party then caught the hotel bus down to the beach where the ceremony was taking place.

I think this photo below might be one of my fave captures of the day. How divine (well - gross really, but divine in the boyishness of it all) is this moment!

Tricia's family have been coming to Bermuda ever since she was a little girl. They would come every summer and Tricia would watch all the weddings from the balconies of their rooms and ask her parents if some day, she too could get married in Bermuda. Her father would always say, "Of course, if that is your dream." And although her beloved father was not with her in person to walk her down the aisle of a Bermuda beach to say "I do", he was there in spirit and watching that little girl all grown up and making her dreams come true.

This photo below is of Alex Masters, with whom I shoot a lot of weddings. He captured the boys while I did the girls and after the ceremony, he captured the cocktail party while I did group and couple shots. When we are not shooting together at the same time, he often takes over from me, for while my forte is using natural or available light and I love doing the couple shots and wedding day excitement, he is a star techie and knows all about lighting and flash and is the best fly on the wall for capturing the party later. We work so well together as a team as we are both able to share our best sides and complement each other's work. I also love that, like me, even in the height of summer on the hottest day of the year, he sticks to his "uniform" of head to toe in all black!

These darling shells holding the rings were made by a close friend of Tricia's who sadly couldn't make it to the Bermuda event. The bride to be had told her friend Paul all about her idea to put shells in boxes for her sweet little ring bearers to carry a ring each. Paul is very crafty and created the most beautiful cushions in one shell using the couple's wedding colour of Tiffany blue, and hinged the second shell to the first with Swarovski Crystals - they were so dreamy.

Did I mention it was a hot day?? 

Tricia and Joel had seen this adorable car in one of my previous blog posts and so made sure it was a key element of their day too. They took the car and the wedding party and I took a bus to Stone Hole Bay for some bridal party and couple portraits.

One Christmas, Tricia and Joel went to her mum's home to help her decorate the Christmas tree. It is a big family tradition which they love to do every year and this time, Joel said he had a gift for Tricia. It was a beautiful glass heart ornament and Joel asked Tricia to hang it in the tree which she did. When she turned back around, there he was on one knee and asking if she would become his wife. It was a very sweet moment which took her completely by surprise. The next morning, the newly engaged couple flew to Miami to celebrate with a weekend of fabulousness.

After Joel and Tricia became engaged, they took a holiday to Bermuda and Joel also fell in love with the island. The two researched everywhere for the dream location to tie the knot. When they saw the Fairmont Southampton, they knew that this hotel for sure had a little something for every one of their guests. Tricia and her mum came back a few months later to finalise plans and in all of their talks, they kept coming back to the Fairmont so knew it was the spot they had been looking for. They fell in love with the Ocean Terrace instantly. It was a no brainer with its stunning views over the south shore.

Joel and Tricia's first dance was "In My Life" by the Beatles. They both grew up listening to the band and as Tricia admits, her father was a little obsessed with their music so he did a good job of passing on his Beatle Love down to all his kids. The song had a lot of meaning to the newlyweds and expresses how they feel about one another. Plus, the song is a classic - what more could they ask for?

Tricia and Joel - I really loved every moment I spent with you. You both have such fun, free spirits and are so divine together. You are so lucky to have found such a special love and you are surrounded by so much love from your family and friends. I adored capturing your wedding day and wish you so much happiness in this exciting future you have before you. xxxxx

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  1. Very fabulous pictures! The emotions reflected in this wedding and all the details of the wedding ceremony supplies are beautifully reflected in your gorgeous photos. Impressive!;)


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