Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nicole & Nick - Jobson's Cove, Bermuda Wedding

 Theirs is one of the most romantic proposal stories I have ever heard. Nick took Nicole on an all day hike for her birthday. It started at 6a.m. and he took her to several beautiful spots and at each location, she would find an Easter Egg. They couple had first met at an Easter Egg hunt held by their church two years ago so it seemed only fitting. Inside each egg, Nicole found a verse from Proverbs 31 "A Portrait of a Godly Woman). Each new egg found, Nick would interpret the words and say how they applied to Nicole, such as how she was beautiful more than a conqueror, and God's best for him. At the last location of the day, which was at Thousand Steps Beach, the lovebirds watched the sunset together. When the night stars came out and they were preparing to leave, Nicole thought to herself that this was the best birthday she had ever had. They walked past a cave that Nick had shown her earlier, and he turned to her and said, "Cole, I know that you conquered a lot of fears today, but I have one more for you. I know you're scared of the dark, but walk in these caves with me." Of course, Nicole was thinking it would be just like him to try and get her out of her comfort zone and walk into the scary cave and as she did so, her heart was thumping in her chest. All of a sudden, a huge string of lights in the shape of a heart lit up and in the middle of this heart was her last egg of the day, with a beautiful ring inside it. The egg itself was an exquisite Faberge egg mounted on a wooden heart plaque that Nick had made himself. He had wired lights through it so that it would light up when the egg was opened - can you imagine?!! He took Nicole's hands and said, "Cole, you know you mean the world to me. I know that if you will follow me through all the obstacles we went through today, then you will follow me through anything in life. Will you marry me?"

How darling is this camera - think it took a video and was so wee on its own miniature tripod, I was smitten - would love to see the footage from it!

Nicole and Nick had seen photos on my blog of Jobson's Cove and knew that was the spot they wanted to tie the knot. It is such a serene cove surrounded by classic Bermuda rock formations and is the ultimate in a romantic beach wedding.

The best part of the wedding for the couple was that they were able to glorify God and touch the hearts of people they didn't even know. Nicole's mum was sadly not able to make the ceremony on the beach, so later that day, the moment they arrived at the reception and she was able to see her mother for the first time was hugely emotional. Even though she couldn't make it to the ceremony, the couple were so grateful their prayers had been answered and she was able to be there for the reception.

Nicole and Nick chose to do a sand ceremony as a symbol of their marriage.

I love that some of their sand spilled onto our sands - it means that they will forever be a part of our island - no excuses not to come back now!!

At the foundation of the bottle, there were three different layers of sand and each represented a different place. There was sand from Michigan, where Nick is from; sand from California, where Nicole is from, and they added sand from Bermuda where their future as husband and wife would begin. On the top, Nicole poured in light blue sand, and then Nick poured in dark blue sand, and then the pair poured the two shades of blue sand in at the same time representing the two combining as one. The central sand was pure white and represented the couple's centre, Lord Jesus Christ.

The couple had their own signature cocktail made from Hawaiian Punch Polar Blast and lemonade - they tried to match their colours!

These darling barefoot sandals were adorable - I want some pairs - just so beach glam - love. Cute Nick found them at an online boutique!

Nicole and Nick know that their relationship and their love was all part of God's timing. They had met a few times before over the years, but it wasn't until it was just the right time that they fell in love. Nicole says she had always prayed for a man like Nick, and when she least expected it, God brought him into her life and they have never been happier.

Lisa from Designer flowers did the bouquet and boutonniere.

Nicole's engagement ring is white gold with a single stone in the middle and treble clefs encompassing the stone. Nick designed it himself because he knew how much his bride to be loved music. Her wedding ring is a white gold band and lined with delicate pave diamonds.

Nicole's hair was done by Tangles Salon and Keisha from Chrysalis Cosmetics did her makeup.

The bride found her dress online and of course fit like a dream.

I loved that her old, borrowed and blue were all in one item - a pretty blue bridal garter that her Aunt Gladys loaned her. Her new was her dress.

I could weep at the tenderness these two shared with each other - so so in love.

As I was leaving, at the top of the hill from the beach, these beautiful horses and their carriage were waiting to take the newlyweds to their reception. I had to stop to capture the sweet nuzzling of these beautiful creatures.

Nicole and Nick - from our first communication, I knew you two were special. You were so sweet about my work and I was honoured to be there to capture such an intimate gathering and witness such tender love between the two of you. Of course, being utterly gorgeous probably helped my job be so easy too - thank you for sharing your love here in Bermuda, for asking me to photograph your wedding, and being so open and loving. It was a beautiful day. Love and blessings to you both xxx

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