Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Greg, Barbara, Jackson, Ava & Charlotte

You may remember this beautiful family from the shoot at their fabulous home in the spring. After 13 years of living in Bermuda and loving it, they have sadly left the island, but before they moved on, they wanted to do one last shoot at their favourite South Shore location at the Coral Beach Club. All three children were born in Bermuda and they have spent many long summer days on that beach so it holds so many memories that they wanted to remember forever with some family photos.

The family have spent Christmas Day at Coral Beach every year and have had several birthday celebrations there as well, with all three kids' birthdays falling in the summer. 

Jackson is settling into his new life well and has already joined the track and field team and is preparing to play basketball in January.

The girls are thrilled they have found great studios where they can continue their gymnastics and ballet classes.

This table on the lower terrace at Coral Beach was always my favourite when I was little - it was like the lucky table and to get to sit there was such a treat, though to be fair, as romantic as it is being at the top of the tower shape over looking that amazing view, the concrete seat is a little less comfy than the regular chairs - I suppose their is a price for everything.

How darling is Charlotte with her mermaid Barbie?

Sweet Ava picked the pretty flower and put it in her hair for the shoot - makes such a difference.

Nothing better than the image of a boy and his dad playing ball.

I am so happy to hear you have all settled in so nicely to your new home. You will be very missed in Bermuda but thrilled to hear you will be back often! xxx

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