Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Baby Rosabel Mei

Sweet Rosabel Mei was only 11 days old when I came to her home to photograph her with her family. Her mummy, CC, had always wanted to have a Year of the Dragon baby and she went into labour on Chinese New Year, two weeks early, so she clearly listened. Her middles name, Mei, is after CC's mother and her parents had also given their grand daughter a Chines Name, Ren-En, which means "thanksgiving". Arthur and CC truly feel that she is the most precious gift for which to be deeply thankful.

The couple moved back to Bermuda after a stint in London and soon after their arrival, they discovered they were expecting a baby so it seemed like the ideal way to start this second chapter of their lives in Bermuda.

Darling little Rosabel never fell into that truly deep sleep that newborns have when you can pick up a limb and it flops down with a thud. But we managed to capture some of her sweet face in a snoozy state but when we moved her onto the funky fur rug, she was having none of it. Personally, I adore the below image as much as the serene ones above - tells the full story, but poor love and mama bear CC was tortured seeing her little love bug cry and came to the rescue immediately.

And of course, the moment Rosabel was back in her mother's arms, she calmed down, started to yawn.

Rosabel's paternal grandmother was visiting Bermuda and being the first grand child, it was definitely a special time to remember. Have you ever seen such a delicious face as the one below - that little mouth - yum!

Congratulations CC and Arthur - Rosabel is a little love and I was so pleased to be able to capture this delectable time in her life - they are tiny for such a short time and it is all such a whirlwind that having photos to look back on makes it all so much easier to replay over and over again to relive the happy times. xxxx

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