Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Greg, Barbara, Jackson, Ava & Charlotte at Home

This gorgeous family are leaving Bermuda after living here for 13 years so they wanted to capture some family memories in their home before they leave for good. They have loved their time on the island, the beaches and the incredible lifestyle our sweet island life offers. Both Greg and Barbara are from Tennessee so moving back this summer is exciting, but the couple haven't lived there in 20 years and the kids have never lived anywhere but Bermuda so it will be a big change.

This sweet little play house is a favourite spot for the sisters to pass time. They love to do arts and crafts and make house and pretend bake in this magical little spot.

Hello darling boots!!

The view out the darling heart shaped window in the play house.

The family pup, Salty, was named after the Salty Dog Cafe in Hilton Head, South Carolina - a fave spot for the family to go when on holiday.

Jackson is 11 an loves sports and especially baseball and running. He also loves adventure stories and play time and has a huge imagination. He spends hours in the garden jumping about and play fighting and creating stories in his mind. He is developing a strong interest in creating films and movies and has made several this year.

Jackson's room was full of personality and little quirky details that showed his personality.

He told me all about the signatures on this ball and who each of the famous players were - wish I could remember and share - I am an artist and not so into sports so of course none of the names meant anything to me but he was so animated and articulate in sharing all the details - love him!

Jackson is really into Indiana Jones and showed me his secret hiding spot to spy on intruders. He slipped behind a dresser and peeked through the eyes in his picture and nobody would ever know - such fun and so much creativity and imagination.

The three kids were stars and came with me to test the light in different spots around the garden. I love the way they are dressed - so casual and chic at the same time.

Don't they all look like Ralph Lauren models - straight out of an ad campaign - so beautiful!

These two were so cute together, I couldn't help but get a few of them together too.

In these days of facebook, I tend to take individual photos of everyone more than I used to as people always need profile pics. I couldn't decide between the colour and black and white versions of these two images.

And this is the stunning view from their home. Understandable why they wanted to capture some shots at the house before they go - what a tough spot to give up - imaging waking up to this every morning - just heaven.

The kids did a quick change into more summery clothing for the pool photos. Such gorgeous light at sunset at their home.

Charlotte is 6 and loves dance and ballet. When I first photographed her at her old house, she was just a toddler and now she seems so grown up.

The original plan for the shoot was to be in the field of freesias but sadly, on the days we booked, the weather was windy and rainy. We finally were able to do the shoot two weeks later but by then, the blooms were on their way out and we missed their peak. But we still wanted to capture the hillside that had been covered only weeks before and although compared to what they were, the freesias aren't quite so spectacular, the hillside is still a dreamy spot in the late afternoon light with that fantastic view beyond.

The sisters love to make up dances and plays and put on performances for their family and friends. I adored the way their dresses twirled and their faces lit up when the danced around the pool.

Ava is 9 and she adores horses and riding, and takes lessons twice a week. She loves all animals and was keen to get a cuddle photo with her beloved Salty.

There was so much I wanted to capture and just not enough time and light - I had hoped to capture the girls in their room the way I had photographed Jackson, but we still needed to do family and freesia shots but before I left, although the sun had gone, I was still able to shoot the girls in their dreamy room doing what they loved - sharing secrets and laughter and childhood magic.

Thank you all for such a fantastic shoot - I do so adore shooting at homes where so many memories are made and everything is so personal and unique. You are such a lovely family and we are sorry you are leaving but know you have much awaiting you in your new home! xxxx

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  1. These photos are just gorgeous, Sacha. I was so excited to see these and am very pleased. Can't wait to see the others! Thanks so much for doing such a great job!


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