Wednesday, August 29, 2012


These teddies puppies are the babies of our papa dog, Cairo. Can you believe how delicious they are? I mean, are they for real? I can vouch that they are indeed real since this is my sofa in our home on which they sit so angelically. I felt like a famous animal portrait photographer but my pup of choice was a Labradoodle instead of a Weimaraner. They are so totally delish, I had to control myself from begging to keep them all! They are eight weeks old and just so cute I could gobble them up in one go!!! Sorry for the ridiculously long post, but I simply could not edit these pics down so had to include them all!!!

Cairo was so gorgeous and gentle with them - this was the first time he had met them as I had take the kids to see them when they were as wee as guinea pics at their mama pup's house. Such a difference between then and now - real little personalities showing through.

Oslo and Indigo couldn't get enough of them. This was their first outing and at first, a couple of them were a little nervous, but the kids lavished them with love and soon enough, they were yelping for more!

After a little while, the puppies grew in confidence and soon enough, they were marching all around the garden and following their dad!

When Cairo was a puppy himself, he was red like the two on the ends. He faded a bit and also when we shave him in the summer, all that red disappears but comes back in the winter when we let him go wild and shaggy. I found some pics here and here and also here of what he was like when he was wee!

So clever Cairo is a papa and I guess that makes me a grandma!!! I believe there are a few gone but there may be one left so let me know and I can put you in touch!! xxx


  1. Adorable Sacha!! Do you get to keep one for providing the sire? That would be ideal!!

  2. Oh, I'm wanting one so much....if only we could afford :(

  3. We were on holidays in August and I missed seeing this post. How amazing to have more photos of Cooper with his brothers!!! I must say it is almost impossible to tell the 2 reddish ones apart so I don't know which ones are of him specifically but I love all the photos. :)


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