Friday, August 17, 2012

Sarah, Stuart, Chloe and Euan

This delightful family has now left Bermuda but their time spent here will never forgotten, not just for the great memories they made, but thanks to the kind leaving gift their friends gave them with a family portrait. They decided on a beach setting as when you live in Bermuda, the sand and sea are such a huge part of life, particularly with kids. I have to say, I am quite smitten with the above image. They left their imprint on this island and they will not be forgotten, and Bermuda in turn, has changed them all forever too, leaving its unique mark on each of them forever.

Sweet Chloe is seven and was full of fun ideas on the shoot.

Euan is five and he loved doing all the jumps I asked him to do and was a little cuddler too!

I love this image below. It epitomises childhood and siblinghood to me. Having races against each other with your parents watching to judge who wins - what bliss.

These pics should be in an ad for Bermuda showing how pink our sand really is - so so pretty.

Sear Sarah, Stuart, Chloe and Euan - I hope you have all settled into your new life now and are having a great time. Hope to see you when you come back to Bermuda on holiday. xxx

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