Friday, May 11, 2012

Welcome Baby Alexa

Nicole and Philip were given a gift certificate for a newborn session from Nicole's mother. I came to capture sweet Baby Alexa's first days at home and she was a perfect little snoozy angel. Her parents had met through their mutual love of horses, and now own two riding horses and one racing pony. They each compete locally and the day that Nicole went into labour, Philip was busy winning the "overall adult with the most points" at the Annual Exhibition. Horses and riding are very special to the couple and they hope that one day, Alexa will also develop a love for the beautiful creatures.

Given this passion for horses, the new parents thought it would be wonderful to capture their new baby with their new saddle. Nicole had seen a photo of a sleeping baby, flopped on top of a saddle and was keen for a similar photo. Alexa was not impressed when we laid her naked little body face down on the saddle so we had to improvise and swaddle her to keep her asleep, and then her daddy held her up from behind, but I love the result, especially this one with the one eye open - what a look - I bet she will still be giving her parents that look when she is in her teens, and probably while perched in a saddle!


I adore going to people's homes for a photo session. It is always so fun to capture their lives and the way they live. I was so amazed at Alexa's full closet, I couldn't help but take photos. Apparently she is the first grand child on both sides and everyone was very excited for her arrival so the shopping sprees were frequent - but how beautifully arranged is all this - at the top, those boxes are marked with the ages of the clothes the baby will grow into - I think I need Nicole to come to my house and help me organise!!! So impressed.

Not only was the closet a dream, so was the entire baby's room. I was just in love with the little dream world they had created for this sweet little angel. At Nicole and Philip's wedding, they incorporated peacock feathers into their theme and they have loved them ever since. The sweet little headband was made of peacock feathers and although it was too big for her now, I can't wait to see how it looks on her when she is older.

Don't you love all the turquoise? It carries on the theme of peacock feathers. So vibrant and rich.

One thing I love about doing newborn sessions is that I am often lucky enough to witness some firsts. As Philip was trying to settle the now awake and not so happy Alexa, the swaying and cooing wasn't cutting it. She was wailing. I suggested he put his pinky in her mouth upside down and instantly, her little mouth suctioned onto his finger and she was soothed. It was so darling and the comfort on her face and the sheer joy on Philip's was a joy to watch. And I captured those moments forever for them - love my job!

 Nicole and Philip - congratulations on your sweet little angel Alexa - she is just perfect and so healthy and beautiful - what a wonderful new chapter in your lives together you have all begun and thank you for inviting me into your home to share such a special time. Love and blessings to the three of you and Happy Mother's Day Nicole for Sunday! xxx


  1. Thank you Sacha for an amazing shoot. You were such a genuine, creative and amazing person to work with. You captured so many details of our ‘little girl’ in a way that we will forever cherish!

    Nicole and Philip XO

  2. What a beautiful series of images ! Great job Sacha.

    Congrats to Nicole and Philip.

    Best wishes,

  3. What lovely pictures with a beautiful family! Should be in a magazine for sure!

    Love and congratulations to Philip and Nicole

    Lisa Ricca


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