Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Elbow Beach Cycles - hybrid electric bicycles making an eco debut!

I am a huge fan of anything eco and saving the planet, in whatever big or small way each of us can contribute, be it using the washing line instead of the dryer, or taking a reusable bag to the shops, buying in bulk to save on packaging or using more environmentally friendly products in the home and garden - it all makes a difference. So when I was contacted by Elbow Beach Cycles to do a commercial shoot with a creative flair to promote their new line of environmentally friendly hybrid bicycles, I was thrilled to be a part of it.

Visitors and locals alike can now cruise Bermuda on these whisper quiet, easy to operate eco hybrid bikes and not only see the Island at a wonderful easy pace, but also know they are making a difference to the planet at the same time.

The cycle company was on a tight deadline with their official launch approaching so they didn't have time to source models. Luckily, I had recently met the fabulous Sara and Dom and knew they would be perfect for the shoot. Dudley, who runs the cycle shop with his mother, was on site to help style the couple and I love love the Euro chic flair he brought to the session - the sunglasses and scarves really gave the images a glamourous quality to the biking exploration. 

I adore that this hybrid line of the Freedom electric bicycles allows the rider to operate in various modes from pedal only or power magnification mode in which the bike provides enough power to help the rider pedal more easily, and if the rider is not pedaling at all, the power shuts off to save on battery usage. Assistance levels of low, medium and high can be selected, depending on the need, and there is also a power on demand mode in which the cycles offer a separate throttle that turns on the power and it can run with no pedaling at all. Now that is my kind of bike!

Depending on how much power is used, the Freedom bicycles can run for up to 64 kilometres in one charge. And with rentals starting as low as $29 a day or even for locals, there are monthly rental charges, they will be a valuable addition to tourists' and locals' exploration opportunities.

On hybrid electric bikes, riders get all the advantages of a regular bicycle including fun, exercise and zero emissions, but when they want a boost, the Freedom bikes provide the extra power needed to make the ride comfortable and fly up even the most steep of Bermuda's slopes. Hybrid electric bikes are great fora ll ages and a perfect way for visitors, groups, wedding and honeymoon parties alike to tak in the island at a same and sedated pace.


The scooter rental agency has added 40 of these brand new hybrid electric bicycles to their already extensive fleet. As the only company offering these Generation 5 Freedom bikes, the environmentally conscious public can now enjoy an alternative to noisy mopeds when exploring the island.

The company was started by third generation Bermudian, Dudley Alexander "Buddy" Thomas in 1944. He wanted to do things differently and believed customer service was as key as engine reliability. The modern shop is run by his wife, Dolores Thomas, affectionately known as Mrs T and it is her friendly voice and steady hand new and return clients turn to when they visit Bermuda and are looking to get around in a fun and safe way. Mrs T works with her sons and a dedicated team of mechanics. One of her sons, Dudley Thomas, is the Director-At-Large and VP Business Development and he was the brain child behind our fun shoot.

Thank you Dudley and Mrs T for the opportunity to capture your magnificent new bikes in such a beautiful setting - I know they will be a wonderful addition to Bermuda's tourism experience and better for our sweet blue planet too so thank you thank you for making a difference!

For more information, check out Elbow Beach Cycles' website and book your rides today! xx

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