Sunday, May 13, 2012

Super Mama!

I do not have your typical mum. Most of my friend's mothers are grey, wear pearls and high heels and are enjoying old age from the comfort of a nice terrace chair with a tasty drink in hand. My mother is not one of those types of older women. There is no sitting back and watching old age roll in. She is a doer. She is a Dutch war baby and only knows how to, and loves to, be productive and work hard. Rather than go to the gym, she prefers to do the more physical side of gardening, and instead of sitting in an office to make enough money to buy cool things, she simply makes them herself! As I look around my house, she has either made, had a hand in making, fixed or at least set up or hung virtually everything here. I have to say, if it weren't for my mother's hard work, my house would not be the dream home it is to me, Ben and the kids. From building my bedside tables, to sewing the kids art in their rooms, to fixing all the mad antiques I pick up at auction, my mother can do it all. And it is a wonderful way for me to spend time with her. I process photos while she slaves away on whatever project which is the whim of the moment, and then Ben comes home at lunch and we all have a rest together in the grotto that my mother made more beautiful by hanging fairylights and outdoor art. And she is such an amazing example for the kids and they love to watch her work. They think Mopsey is a super Granny and as far as I can tell, she is super human with all the handy things she can do. Last year, I did a mother's day post about her too so when you are finished looking at these pics of all her incredible work, you can check out her funky personal style.

 Mummy - you really are an inspiration with all you can do - whatever we envision, you make it happen. I feel proud of my work ethic and how I am raising my children and I know it is your strong values instilled in me that made me this way so thank you for all you continue to do for me and our family and thank you for everything you did in the past to make my life now possible. I love you. Happy Mother's Day. xxxx

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  1. you mom is so bad-ass! happy mama's day to you Sacha!


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