Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jonny, Feven, Nathaniel and Samantha

This gorgeous family were so lucky to capture the last of the freesias before they faded for another year. I simply adore this setting as it is dramatic and romantic, but not too busy so as to take away from the subjects. And this family are so fun and beautiful and full of love that the happy freesias are the perfect backdrop to echo all of that happiness.

Nathaniel is six years older than Samantha and such a good brother. They were sweet together and there was a lovely mutual respect between.

Nathaniel loves to draw and spends a lot of time designing ships and bikes. He was inspired by a friend last year who shaved his head to raise funds for St Baldricks and so Nathaniel wanted to do the same this year so we did the shoot shortly after the big chop. He loves to spend time with his grandfather and likes to work on his lathe taking apart and putting together old electronics.

Samantha is four and loves music, art and books. She, as her brother will say:"is in perpetual conversations" and the only time she is not is when she is reading, eating or asleep! She is learning classical ballet and how to play the violin, and most recently, she has announced that she would like to be a teacher of clowns!

Jonny and Feven met in Ethiopia 12 years ago and the story of how they met has two versions. His and Hers! In late 2000, Jonny packed up his pottery business and left Bermuda to "travel around the world". His first stop was Ethiopia, where Feven is from, since he had a friend there doing development work. The couple met at a party at a school where Feven worked and hit it off instantly due to their common interests in music and books. The pair became good friends and Jonny's brief stay became a two year on and off stay. Needless to say, the traveling around the world had to be postponed for a later time.

Thanks so much to the four of you for such a lovely shoot - it is such a gorgeous setting and of course when shooting subjects as beautiful as all of you, makes my job easy too! Love to you all xxx


  1. What a dreamy family! Those kids are stunningly beautiful!

  2. Thank you, Sacha. You have definitely brought the best and most authentic expressions in all of us. We love, love, love the pix.
    Feven, Jonny, Nathaniel, Samantha & her Tiger!


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