Monday, May 28, 2012

The Dream Room

A few months back, an old school friend with whom I have reconnected on facebook shared a this dream room on her amazing Designskool blog. I was smitten with the ideal of the cushions in the frames above the child's bed - imagine - art you can hug - and decided my kids would adore something similar. The plan was that they could swap in the pillows depending on what mood they were in. I found the gorgeous frames on e-moo and then I went to The Barn and the Bargain Box and found some great fabrics from old shirts, jump suits and second hand ball gowns! As you might have guessed, I had my talented mother turn my rough sketches into a reality and the results are so dreamy - the kids were thrilled with their surprise.

I think the sun is my favourite. The fabric is luxurious silk and was originally a mother of the bride type skirt and top and cost me only $5! It is above Indigo's bed, and although the original idea was that the kids could swap the clouds or whatever else in depending on their mood that day, the reality is that the sun, bird and star a little susceptible to dirty fingers, sot we are leaving them as art on the walls and the kids sleep with their ever so cosy cloud cushions.

The bird was actually an after thought as the kids were decided which ones they liked best. Oslo chose the moon and star and one of the clouds which left Indigo down two so she wanted a sun and Oslo thought of her having a bird too. Such a great choice as he has such a little personality, don't you think? He was made from this whacky olive green silk jump suit and some left over bits for his wing, eye, and beak and originally, my drawing had his tail stuffed too but my mum made it while I wasn't home and I think I love what she did even more!

If you haven't checked out the original idea, you can see here where we copied the idea and the star and clouds - so cute. The star is from a lovely brushed cotton and is such a soft butter yellow.

Although the clouds are now never on the wall, they kids adore sleeping with them. The top one is made from one of those heavenly plush bathrobes of sort by Barefoot Dreams - again, another Barn find. The one below started life as a chenille turtle neck and is just so soft too.

This frame was added as an after thought too and we are all still on the fence about it. I used to use it for shoots but that idea is a little unoriginal and verging on cheesy now so thought I could use the frame like this. My sister says she doesn't like that the moon is outside of the frame and I tend to agree, but it is fun that it is a little different and there is not room on that bit of wall for anything bigger anyway and there were only three of the others.

I found the children's darling beds at an auction when they were still in cribs. I knew they would be perfect one day. When the kids graduated to bunk beds, they lived under the bed until we moved into this house and we finally had space to put them together. They are French antique sizes so the mattresses hang over the sides a little but I simply adore them and now at last we have art on the walls that is in keeping with both the kids and the beds - love love love!


Oslo and Indigo were so thrilled with the idea - they really do have the dream dream room now! xxx

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