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Melissa & Chet Wedding - Tucker's Point & Holy Trinity, Bermuda

Melissa and Chet had a dream wedding filled with unexpected sunshine. The forecast had been for rain, and the day before their nuptials, more rain had fallen on the island than we'd had in six months. But luck was with this couple, for on the day of the wedding, the clouds cleared and the skies were the brightest, clearest blue.  Their happiness was infectious and I truly felt how blessed they were to not only have perfect weather on their wedding day, but most importantly, that they had found each other.

Tucker's Point was recommended to the couple by Chet's brother who had traveled there last year. He spoke extremely highly of the resort and after a quick visit, the couple decided it would be the dream location to get married. Chet's family traveled from Michigan, Melissa's from Ohio and the couple came from DC so Bermuda was the ideal location to host their intimate destination wedding. 

Chet and Melissa gave personalised handkerchiefs to their parents as wedding gifts. They were very special as each said something that summed up their relationship. Chet's one to his mother said "I'll always be your bonus" since he was a "mistake" and she always called him her bonus child.

Melissa's elegant lace dress was designed by Augusta Jones. I was a little smitten with her glorious waistband - it was so detailed and feminine and sparkly.

Her fabulous peep toe silver sparkly shoes were Jimmy Choos and the darling hanger was a gift from a friend at her bridal shower.

The purse had a darling vintage broach clasp on top that caught Melissa's eye and she wore her signature Coco Chanel perfume on the day as it is her favourite.

I adored the corseting of Melissa's dress - it was so authentic and her maid of honour had to tie the knot so securely that the bride was told it would need to be cut off later! No flimsy bows there - it was a proper Scarlet O'Hara style corset!

Melissa's earrings were made by Erin Cole and picked up the sparkle from her waistband so beautifully. April Lindell did her hair and the make up was done at the Tucker's Point Spa.

Flowers, boutonnieres and wedding arrangements were created by Petals.

The elegant bridal bouquet's stem was decorated with Melissa's grandmother's pins, which were old, borrowed and blue! Her grandmother passed away in December unexpectedly and was VERY dear to everyone.

Just before Melissa walked down the aisle, her father whispered to her that the torrential rains the day before had been her grandmother's tears because she was not with them all on this special day. This attributed to the bride's heightened emotions during the service. And the fact that the weather was so utterly glorious on the wedding day is of course attributed to Melissa's grandmother as well!

The handkerchief given to the bride's father said "Of all the walks we've taken, this one is my favourite".

Tucker's Point had suggested Holy Trinity for the ceremony and the bride absolutely fell in love with the architecture and the history of the church and knew it would be the ideal place to exchange their vows. Reverend Bailey was amazing to work with and the church will always have a special place in their hearts. Melissa especially loved when they were signing the register that the same book had been documenting marriages in this church since the 1800s.

The bride is very close to her mother and wanted to honour her as a big part of her life before she said her vows by giving her flowers. Everyday when she was growing up, when Melissa walked home from the bus after elementary school, she would pick tulips from their neighbour's garden and give them to her mother. After the bride walked up the aisle, she gave her mother lilies since tulips were not possible that day, but it was the thought that counted and indeed, her mother was deeply touched. The handkerchief given to her mother said "Today a bride, tomorrow a wife, always your daughter".

Melissa and Chet have an Indian wedding planned in July to honour Chet's heritage, they are looking forward to that first, but they loved this church and their ceremony so much that they are already talking about how they would like to renew their vows back here in Bermuda at Holy Trinity in the future.

The train took the guests back to the Tucker's Point Beach Club where they were having cocktails while I slipped back to the main hotel to capture the couple having a few moments together on their own after the ceremony. I love all the nooks the hotel offers for quiet romantic moments and fabulous photos!

The two met through mutual friends four years ago and had an instant connection which has grown stronger every day since. They have become each other's best friend and love each other "to the moon and back".

I think this photo below may be one of my favourite bloom shots ever - so romantic with the groom in the background and her dreamy sparkly dress and ring blurred - heaven.

It was extremely windy up at the hotel and Melissa's veil had a life and a mind of its own much of the time which I adored.

I have to say, I simply adore the drama and grandeur of these royal palms in the courtyard of the hotel - such a stunning back drop and the light in there is so utterly gorgeous on a sunny day.

We headed down to the Beach Club for group shots and a few shots of the newly weds on the beach before they joined their guests at cocktails.

I think this photo is one of my faves of the day - I just adore the way the two are looking at each other and the sun shining through the trees beyond - just such a sunny happy photos. And love the orchid in Melissa's hair as a little change from the veil - so pretty.

Chet proposed to Melissa on the fourth of July last year. This holiday is a big deal in the midwest where they are both from and it is also around the time of Melissa's birthday. Chet had popped the question at her parents' house and then they all planned to go out to a nice dinner afterwards. Much to Melissa's surprise, when they arrived at the restaurant, not only was her entire extended family there , but so was Chet's, waiting with champagne in hand to celebrate the couple's engagement. It was an incredible evening with the two families meeting and getting to know each other - they wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Chet's rose gold wedding band was found at David Yurman on a trip to New York while Melissa's platinum engagement ring and band were bought at Diamond Cellar in Columbus.

After we finished our photos on the beach, I went up to capture cocktails while Melissa and Chet greeted their guests. I noticed some guests boarding a bus to head up to the dinner site. I asked wedding planner, Nikki Begg, of Bermuda Bride if I should capture details of the dinner reception site which was at the Golf Club before Alex Masters, the follow on photographer, took over and she said yes! I raced to the car with my assistant and we tried to beat the first guests to the location in order to capture the magic untouched. In doing so, I didn't say good bye to the lovely newlyweds and they came up from cocktails so much later that I never saw them again. It was the first wedding I have ever photographed where I didn't say a proper good bye and I literally lost sleep over it. Luckily, Melissa responded to my mortified email saying she was so swept up in the happiness of the day that she hadn't even noticed!

I suppose it was worth it as I was able to capture the charming name card table untouched, as well as shoot the rest of the details in time.

One of the best parts of the wedding for the couple was the intimate guest list. The candlelit dinner set such a romantic mood and with only 60 friends and family in attendance, the newlyweds were able to spend time with each and every person who made the effort to come to their island event. All of the speeches were deeply personal and everyone felt that they were part of something incredibly special.

The darling cake design was found in a Martha Stewart publication, but Serge of Tucker's Point did a magnificent job creating it just as the couple wanted, made from a divine coconut cake with buttercream icing. There was no theme as such, but blue is both Melissa and Chet's favourite colour.

Melissa and Chet - I loved being a part of your amazing wedding - it was all so beautifully planned and you two were such fun and gave the time to capture truly special photographs of the two of you sharing your love - I felt honoured to be a part of such a special celebration and just wanted to thank you both for being so fabulous and thank your grandmother for the great weather!!! xxx


  1. What an elegant wedding. I really like it. They look so lovely and so happy to have each other. Congratulation to them also to the photographer for the great photos.

  2. Your work is divine Sasch! And Melissa & and your love are so sweet! Just lovely all around! Xo Christine

  3. Incredibly original shots as always, Sascha. I just love your style! One day I will take a photography course with day!!!

    Kathy xo


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