Friday, September 16, 2011

Haydee & Eddie

Haydee and Eddie were married ten years ago and in celebration of their anniversary, the couple decided to take a trip to Bermuda just the two of them, without their two gorgeous sons. They wanted to mark the occasion with a special photo shoot that captured how they felt about each other. They noticed in all their wedding photos, they were looking straight into the camera, so for this shoot, they wanted more romantic shots. I was of course thrilled as I consider that my signature style and always feel a little awkward doing too many looking into the camera shots as I consider myself a lifestyle photographer and in real life, you are focusing on the people you are with and hopefully making special memories and I am simply there to capture them.

These two are friends with Marina and Jhan and that is how they not only heard about me when I shot their wedding, and their day after session, but also about the Reefs, where they stayed for their holiday and where we did the shoot. We started up at the hotel since it was a bit of a walk down to the beach so thought it would be good to capture some snuggly closeups before they became too hot and bothered.

Eddie and Haydee met in early 1988 when they were only 14 years old, but since she lived in New Jersey, and he lived in New York, they did not see each other often and remained friends who called occasionally. IT wasn't until they were old enough to drive that their friendship developed into more and into more and in 1996, the two started to fall for each other romantically.

Their love grew over the years and they finally tied the knot on 2nd September, 2001. After their fabulous wedding, the love birds escaped to the exotic French Polynesian Islands of Moorea, Bora Bora and Tahiti for two weeks. These were the most beautiful islands they had ever seen and amidst their amazing honeymoon, the were shocked to hear of the news of the 9/11 attacks on their home of New York. The newlyweds had to stay on an extra week without knowing what was happening in the states adn this is forever a memory that reminds them of how precious life is and solidified their commitment to support each other not just during that scary and uncertain time, but indeed throughout their marriage. They promised each other that they would return to Bora Bora for their ten year anniversary.

Little did Haydee and Eddie imagine how their lives would change and of course, it was for the better when their two darling boys came into the world. Julian was born in 2005 and then Lorenzo came along three years later. The couple have loved being parents and cherish their family.

As Haydee and Eddie's ten year anniversary approached, they started thinking again about their plans and realised that a trip back to Bora Bora with their amazing children would not be a great idea. Even the thought of traveling alone to the island was out of the question, for they didn't want to be so far away from their boys. They started thinking about other beautiful islands and decided upon Bermuda where they would only be 2 hours away from home. They were so amazed at how gorgeous the island is and how friendly the people are and how exquisite was the turquoise of the ocean. They loved every minute of their anniversary holiday.

Haydee was keen to do a very simple renewal of their vows, and found this fun little white strapless dress that was her modern day wedding dress. She even brought her veil to wear for a few shots which was fun and added to the romance, not to mention wore her fabulous diamond necklace and earrings that she had worn on their wedding day ten years earlier.

After ten years, these two still have the same spark since the very beginning. They still love acting silly together, they are still flirty and their compassion, understanding, support and love for each other has only grown stronger. They have the same deep friendship that started to grow over twenty years ago which has brought them to this day. They are so happy they took the time for this photo shoot to capture their love and admiration for each other. It demonstrates how lucky they are and how in love they feel. They are soul mates and want to enjoy every moment of their lives together to ensure their love is a lasting one.

As you might have guessed, Eddie works out - a lot! Haydee was excited to capture her hot hubbie's beautiful body and so I was of course thrilled as I love boudoir style shoots and have been longing to do a session with a couple. Obviously we were on a hotel beach so not entirely alone, even though we were at the very end, but I tried to make them intimate (yet tasteful) and hide most of what they were wearing.

Haydee and Eddie - the shoot with you two was so fun and of course so easy since you are both so totally smitten with each other still after all these years. I love that and always feel like vow renewals and anniversary shoots are almost more intimate and a celebration as you have come so far since the initial promises when it was all just in theory. Now it is a reality and you have raised two darling boys (thank you so much for the photos, but as I said, think with such beautiful kids, you should bring a girl into the world!). And you have also managed to stay madly in love, full of respect, and still have so much fun together - an inspiration. Love to you both and happy tenth anniversary. xxx

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