Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Aileen, Matt, Brett, Drew and Violet

Aileen was given a portrait session gift certificate for her baby shower but they were keen to wait until the baby was not a baby anymore. So by the time she was two, they felt she had enough of her own look and the boys had just grown more gorgeous too. After 11 and a half years in Bermuda, and three kids later, Aileen and Matt are so happy they finally have had some photographs taken.

They chose Warwick Long Bay as an alternative to their lovely home as the draught didn't do their garden any favours, whereas the fennel was in full bloom and obviously hadn't even noticed that it hadn't rained in about 4 months! I love this pathway, as did Violet - I asked her where we should do the photos and she pointed to my fave spot!

The boys absolutely adore Violet (even when she is bossing them around) and she adores them. They all love running around, dancing together and playing hide and seek. Both the boys are so kind with Violet and she loves to wrestle with them.

Brett is a kind, gentle-hearted little boy who is always concerned about other's feelings.

Drew is an "old soul" and his parents always say that he has done all of this before. He is the peace maker and will do anything for his siblings.

Violet is their goofy little girl who keeps the rest of the family laughing all the time. She was quite sure of what she liked and didn't like on the shoot and was a little suspicious of me at first but then warmed up.

Violet was not keen on going near the water. She was quite fearful so rather than traumatise her (not the point of a fun family shoot!), I just let her move to where she was comfortable and as a result, I love these very real family portraits.

Shoots in the summer are late as they have to be close to sunset so most kids do start to melt a little which is to be expected. Lucky Violet was given wormies to tide her over while I went to shoot her brothers playing some ball with their dad.

Hello sweet curls...

Thanks to all of you for a wonderful shoot on a gorgeous evening. It is always so fun to see families sharing love and making memories and doing what they love - spending time with each other. I am so glad I was able to freeze in time a few of those moments. xxxx

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