Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ashley & Matt - Day After Session

Ashley and Matt felt Bermuda was such a special place to tie the know and even though the island's gorgeous pink sandy beaches and turquoise waters did not feature in their dream wedding, these two were excited to capture the classic Bermuda colours at their Day After Session, which they actually did five days after the big event! 

I suggested we go to Warwick Long Bay since the fennel was in bloom and was just so dreamy so when Ashley showed up in a dress that not only echoed her signature fave colour turquoise / Tiffany blue, but also had some greens and yellows in it too, I was just so excited for I couldn't have styled her better if I had gone to her home and raided her wardrobe myself!

The Fairmont Hamilton Princess, where they were staying, had put a bottle of champagne in their honeymoon suite so these two romantics thought what better time to enjoy it than on our shoot.

Ashley had spent a huge amount of time designing all the stationary for their big day, from save the date cards to menus and place cards so she was keen to remember them as often as she could and I loved the image of them all scattered about their feet as they snuggled in the sand.

I loved that the beautiful bride brought along her bouquet to enjoy again - the splash of colour made it feel that much more of a celebration and it reminded me of myself after my wedding when I kept wearing my veil for weeks on end, be it flowing behind be as I cycled through London, rowing down the Cam, or with some of my plethora of boudoir wear that I had been given at my bridal shower. Just love making the memories of a wedding last as long as possible!

Ashley's stunning necklace was a stone her grandmother had found in Brazil. The auquamarine was just the colour of the Bermuda waters and indeed Ashley's signature colour at her wedding so it was the perfect compliment to finish the look. The aqua marine earrings were a gift from Matt's parents and just the stone just so happens to also be Matt's birthstone.

It is rare you can actually see how pink the sand is in photos, but here you really see why the sand is so pink - all that red coral really jumps out and when mixed with millions of broken shells, the pink hues just glow along the shoreline- so pretty. These rings are pretty special too and how I love the decorative designs on all of their invites.

Ashley and Matt - as I have told you already so many times, I simply love you guys. I really did feel myself developing a crush on you both as I processed these photos - your love is just so easy and natural and I loved working with you again. Thank you thank you and now you have to promise to come every year on holiday and we will make more magic! Hugs to you both xxx

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