Monday, September 19, 2011

Garth, Julie-Anne, Rory and Harris

Since moving to Bermuda together in almost ten years ago, the island's beaches have been a big part of Julie and Garth's lives. They were engaged on Elbow Beach in 2005, both learned to scuba dive here and then got into kite boarding and wake boarding. And since the boys came along, most of those water sports have given way to loads of beach family fun, and they still use the boat all the time since Rory and Harris just love being in and near the water. So a beach shoot was the obvious choice and Stone Hole offered the perfect combination of greenery, dramatic rocks and of course, classic Bermuda beach and turquoise waters.

Rory and Harris are best friends. They play so well together and have so much energy that inevitably, things sometimes bet a bit wild.

Rory will be 4 in December and is a very thoughtful young boy and of course the best big brother to Harris. He includes him in his games with his friends and makes sure to help him along so his little brother can keep up.

As you can see by the fact that I only managed to capture one of 2 year old Harris sitting still, he is very energetic and spirited. He runs everywhere and on the shoot, that is what I had to do too to get a single shot of him. But that is part of my job - to capture who they really are and so energy ball he was, but as long as he was happy, then the pictures captured showed that and I was happy (and hopefully Garth and Julie-Anne too).

This series just cracks me up. Not sure if any of you have ever read the story of "We're Going On A Bear Hunt" but the version we have has family images exactly like these and I just love it!

Julie-Anne brought out the bubbles but it was a little breezy and they blew away faster than we'd hoped and the kids kept chasing after them (understandably) so not quite the images we had envisioned but memories all the same!

Garth and Julie-Anne just celebrated their fifth anniversary so they thought it would be nice to mark this time with the family portraits. Obviously, I love it when couples and families honour the love and time they have for each other with photos - it is so important as it all spins away so quickly and it is such a wonderful way to freeze time to look back and enjoy over and over, even when that stage has long since passed,

Thanks to the four of you for such an energetic shoot - I certainly got a work out chasing after your beautiful boys and trying to keep it fun and an adventure. Happy anniversary. xxx

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  1. I came across your blog and LOVE your pictures! You are so talented! I love the bare bum pics. Darling! If I am ever in Bermuda, I will look you up. I haven't been there in some time, but we are due a visit! Thanks for sharing your gift with the world! Your clients are so lucky!


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