Saturday, September 3, 2011

Alison, Tony & Grady

Alison, Tony and Grady had some special times captured at the beach as a keepsake of the beautiful place they feel lucky enough to be raising a family. Alison and Tony have been on the island for over 6 years. They were married here and sweet Grady was born here. The want to always be reminded of their dreamy life here in Bermuda after they one day have to go back and face the Canadian winters. The couple had been wanting to do a photo shoot for a while, but decided upon Grady's first birthday as the perfect age to freeze in time. Since it was also their 4th anniversary, there were double the celebrations.

You may have seen before the sneak peeks of Grady on my new old suitcase - I am quite smitten and have loved using it in some of my shoots to add a little flair.

Alison chose a book to read with Grady because it is something special that they share together every day. As a result, he adores books, just like his mama, and Brown Bear is his favourite.

Tony has a trip to Bratislava, Slovakia coming up when he will be playing for the Bermuda team in the Street and Ball hockey world championships. They had a jersey made up for Grady (granted way to big!) with his name and his Daddy's number on it. Love the little Bermuda flag on the sleeve too.

Alison and Tony - you are a beautiful family. There were such sweet moments shared during our shoot and Grady is just so heavenly with his colouring and many expressions - thank you for inviting me to capture this special time in your lives. xxx

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