Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rachel, Jason, Ava and Kai

Rachel and Jason told me they had seen my work throughout the homes of friends' houses and had always admired the creativity and moments captured in the images. I was thrilled to hear how I make Rachel feel like she is a part of the photos I shoot and so when she chose my Sacha Surprise package, I was thrilled. They gave me full autonomy to create a scene that would represent them as a family and we worked for several weeks together, brainstorming ideas for the shoot. They meticulously filled out my questionnaire and from that, I sent through a few ideas, but when she told me about this painting in her home that was filled with reds, golds and oranges, I knew we had to use those colours and painting as the central theme for the shoot and go from there. They brought elements from their home which hold sentimental value to incorporate into the shoot, along with my props and I am just smitten with the result.

Rachel and Jason have been living in Bermuda for the past ten years, but it took them the first five years to eventually find each other. Rachel was born and raised in Trinidad while Jason was born in Toronto and grew up in Michigan. Even though they came from different parts of the world, the love of family, friends, traveling and simply living life to the fullest brought them together.

Jason and Rachel's first miracle in the lives as husband and wife was Ava. She is a sensitive and caring three year old soul who loves dancing, dolls and Dora. She likes to count in English and Spanish and would love to tell you a story about the dragons that live in a magical castle. I love that Rachel really took on board all my tips I sent her and draped sweet Ava in beads - I really think they just make the image so special.

Kai just turned one and is ver curious and loves to play with cars and to dance. His mama tells me how he has a strong wrok ethic (which I find an amazing quality in a babe!) and good interpersonal skills - lots of success in his future! He is so friendly and loves to chat with anyone willing to listen to his made up language. Love that Rachel followed my lead and when I said the white shirt would be too bright with all the sumptuous colours, she allowed me to remove it from Kai and have him wear some funky natural beads too.

My Uncle Gerry made these chairs when I was little. They were in my parents house my whole life and I just loved them so one Christmas, they very kindly gave one each to my children who now also love them. But I still love them and use them in shoots as much as I can.

My house is full of clutter - I am a real clutter bug but I envision these things in shoots all the time so I am always so grateful to clients who actually indulge me! This brass tea pot I picked up at an auction and the crown that Ava is wearing I made out of yogurt pots and posh gold wrapping paper for Oslo's friend's Egyptian birthday party. I picked up the carpet at a house sale and my mum made the velvet cushions while Rachel brought the decorative ones herself - it all just came together so beautifully.

How divine is that urn that they brought. Rachel was such a star in the lead up to the shoot. She kept emailing me photos of different outfits she was considering, and some props she thought would work. It really helped pull the shoot together and also make it personal to them. Such a treat to have a client who trusts me so completely and I think the result really speaks for itself.

Look at this little cutie the kids found in the grass next to them!

Rachel wisely brought along some beautiful treats (that matched our colour scheme!) for snacking on at the end.

Rachel, Jason, Ava and Kai - this was such a fun and inspiring shoots. I have not been offering the Sacha Surprise for long, but you are the first family where I had a vision and was able to see it through. I was so excited after our shoot and just am thrilled with all the photos. I hope you will treasure these special family memories as they are not only show you all doing what you do best, and that is love each other (and look gorgeous!), but it also shows this love in a beautiful setting that is unique to you. I know you are leaving the island at the end of October so I hope this shoot will keep your special memories of your time in Bermuda close to your hearts as you continue life's adventures in Texas. Happy trails and wishing you all the very best. xxxxx


  1. Fun, creative, and fabulous photographs! Really super, Sacha!

  2. Sacha, you are not just a photographer but a true artist who loves her job and it shows in the effort and result. Thank you Sacha for painting a beautiful scene to capture our most precious gifts of life.

  3. These are amazing!I have been following your blog for a while and absolutely love everything. Please send me info re: what I need to book a similar shoot please:


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