Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quinn Family

The Quinn family were given a gift certificate for a session with me. I was a bit nervous to photograph Tom for although you may recognise him from my workshop, the truth is, he was a talented photographer in his own right long before my workshop and there is always something nerve wracking when you have to shoot someone who knows all about the field of photography. But we each have our own styles and I think he must like mine since he did my workshop and so I rolled with it. I focused more on capturing them all as a family rather than doing too many portraits of the children on their own, and the result was a lovely togetherness fun loving feel to the images.

The Quinns wanted to do something different from the traditional Bermuda beach scene, not to mention keeping the kids out of the water would have been nearly impossible. Southlands, with all its natural, regal beauty, was the perfect choice - it was an adventure for the children and a stunning backdrop as an added bonus.

Sixteen month old Catilin is a real girls' girl and loves jewelry, dresses and anything pretty. But she was just as fascinated by all the mysteries that Southlands has to offer.

Annie cleverly brought some bubbles for the children to enjoy - if there is not too much wind, they are always a sure fire way to bring magic into the shoot.

Conor was absolutely mesmerised by the bubbles - he caught in his breath and didn't let go until the bubble had passed. His whole little body went rigid with excitement and his little mouth just gaped in awe - childhood is just amazing that the lovely simple things bring such sheer joy.

Think these are my faves from the whole shoot!!!

Conor, like many little boys, is really into his toy cars. He also loves anything that stimulates his senses, so the leaves at Southlands were as exciting as the bubbles. I loved the throwing of the leaves - it felt like autumn in America.

Dear Tom, Annie, Conor & Caitlin - thanks for such a lovely afternoon with your family - I really feel we captured so many special moments. xxx

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