Thursday, May 19, 2011

Storey Family

This gorgeous family picked the perfect time of year to have a shoot. They originally wanted to do a shoot last autumn, but I was so booked up so it never happened. It was a blessing in disguise, for the freesias were in full bloom in their garden by the time we made a new date, and it was the most dreamy setting for a photo session. When Simon and Dee had found out they were expecting again, they knew they needed to find somewhere bigger. This house was the last of a stream of non starters and they knew as soon as they arrived that it would be their home. Two weeks before the birth of their second child, they bravely moved house and it was so worth it. The gardens are perfect for treasure hunts when Daddy and the boys are playing pirates, and the scent of the freesias in bloom is unbeatable.

Nash is four and this apple didn't fall far from his daddy's tree! Ever since he was a tiny baby, he has always been the energizer bunny and is the first one awake in the house even now. He is very independent and has a strong and charismatic personality along with an abundance of friends of all ages. He is a natural leader and well liked by everyone.

Look at all those loquats - love love love spring time in Bermuda.

Reece is two and is the complete opposite of his brother. This little love bug is kind, sensitive and fun loving. He loves his creature comforts and is the cuddle monster in the family.


The playroom really is the heart of their home and if they are not outside, they are in there being kids most of the time. Lots of dress up and extreme sports happen in this household (much to Dee's dismay!) as the boys follow in their daddy's footsteps being daredevils on the trampoline practicing their kite surging moves.

One of the main objectives of this shoot was to get some shots of Dee with the children. She is also a photographer so there are loads of photos of Simon with the kids, but really very few of herself. So I didn't focus on getting individual shots of the kids, but more on capturing the family just doing what they love at home, and especially lots of Dee just doing what she does best - loving her boys.

Look at the eyes on this sweet little muffin!

How cute are these shots below of Nash and his mama giving each other butterfly kisses with their eyelashes.


Story time is a big part of their day and both children love books as a result.


I was kind of smitten with both the boys' hair. Reece's curls that, thank goodness, his mama doesn't have the heart to cut, and then Nash's too cool for school spikes which must make him the trendiest four year old around. Love.

This mobile above Reece's crib is a special craft made by SImon and Nash who are both very artistic. It is the "Intergalactic journey through space and time - may the force be with you."

I was very happy to see recycled paper was used - nothing better - what a great piece of art.

Reece loves his little bed and has two special friends in his crib, Bunny and Cow, though Bunny might be the current favourite.

Isn't this the prettiest window ever - I tried to capture a family portrait with them all inside but nobody could hear me and I think the kids were a bit cooked at this stage - fun nonetheless.

Dee, Simon, Nash and Reece - I loved the shoot with you in your home - it was so personal and I adored capturing you all doing what you love so thank you for sharing a small slice of your lives - it looks like a dream. xxxx

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