Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Paynter Family

Lindsey was given a gift certificate for a session with me by her old firm when she had her son, Max, but five months after the birth, Rich and she tied the knot and life was just one whirlwind after another so they didn't get to their shoot until sweet Max was a year and half. They still can't believe how fantastic life as a mummy and daddy has been. They still look at Max some days and simply can't believe he is their little boy. They feel so blessed to have been married a year, Max growing fast and have lived in dreamy Bermuda for four years now. 

We originally planned to do the shoot in the Unfinished Church, but when we arrived, it was locked up with a notices saying it was deemed unsafe and closed until further notice. I was heart broken as it was one of my favourite shooting locations, but the fun thing was we improvised and it ended up being so special. The family live in St George's and they love the old town with all it has to offer from the tight community feeling to the charming old streets and quiet over grown alleys. Max has grown up there and they are so lucky to have the fabulous walks on their doorstep, not to mention the beautiful beaches close by.

I have always been in love with this ruin so I was thrilled to get the chance to shoot there which we would never have done if the church had been open.

Not only has being a mother taken Lindsey by surprise in how much she loves her sweet little man, but also the tear jerking aspect has thrown her. She was never a teary person but these days, she will blub at anything - just so cute! And look how they both scrunch their noses up int eh same way - yum!

Rich totally swept Lindsey off her feet when they first met. After two years together, they took the Atlantic leap and arrived in Bermuda on Christmas eve, 2006 complete with dog in tow, and Christmas day was spent eating a microwaved turkey dinner, drinking duty free and playing travel scrabble. It was quite the perfect day after the stresses of moving country the previous day. Rich and Lindsey had been together for five years by the time they got hitched and after the birth of Max, getting married completed the dream.

Later we wandered through the streets capturing moments in front of cool coloured doorways and down the sweet streets. We stumbled upon an art gallery and the artist who was painting there very kindly offered the back garden as a setting and we were thrilled.

Lindsey, Rich and Max - thanks for such a fun and spontaneous afternoon - I almost feel like that is how all shoots are meant to be - just wandering around looking for cute locations and it all just falling into place. I am so happy to hear you enjoyed the shoot so much, grass stains included! xxxx

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