Monday, May 2, 2011

May Day

When I was a child, I went to a May Day party. I think my sister's dance class had been hired to perform a May Pole dance and I remember being mesmerised by the dresses and the ribbons. So when we moved back to Bermuda and had kids, we started our own tradition on an anual May Day celebration, though we missed it last year as we moved that weekend. So this was the first one we have hosted at the new house and it was fabulous. I was a bit late this year getting the invite designed and out - in fact, totally disorganised, but it came together all the same and it was another magical day. It was visually stunning with the set up and everyone dressed in white - just dreamy.

Much to Ben's chagrin, I decided it was absolutely necessary to bring half the contents of our home out into the garden! I just love the feel of indoor furniture outside - it adds such a glamourous feel to an event.

We started this party when Oslo was only 5 months old and Indigo not even a twinkle in our eyes yet so it has previously been enough for the littles to just crawl or run around, but this year, Ben wanted to get a bouncy castle to burn off some of that energy now that so many of the kids are so much older. I asked if they had a white or silver one but sadly, the ugly brown wizard castle was all that was available. But it had a slide which was a hit with the kids, albeit a bit of an accident vortex as well.

 For the first year, we were actually organised on the day and actually had a moment to relax before our guests arrived. Of course the fact that all Bermudians show up between and half hour and two hours late for parties helped too!

Oslo was having a hard time refraining from eating too many of the nibbles before our guests arrived.

 Indigo originally dressed as a princess bride in honour of the royal wedding, but later changed into one of my tutu skirts I use for shoots as you will see when they are at the May Pole.

 Here is just her tutu poking out on either side of the maypole.

Historically, we have had grownups do it with the kids as it is such total chaos, but this year, I simply didn't have the energy to micromanage to the same extent so the bigger kids started off and although the weave is not as lovely as previous years, I didn't lose my voice this time and as a result had much more fun simply sipping champagne. In the short space I did give instructions for who should go in which direction, apparently I must have been less than patient as my dear friend Heather said that she can now understand why I have always said I simply can't homeschool my children. Ouch!

We used the old mast from our darling hand built wooden dingy that was taken from us by a freak hurricane that had passed the island then doubled back at high tide and smashed her against the rocks before our very eyes. But the maypole was beautiful and so our sweet boat lives on in our garden.

I don't know if you ever saw the photos from Oslo's birthday, but towards the evening, the kids set up the hoop jumping again.

This is Vidya, who was also quite taken with the whole bridie thing.

Indigo changed for the third time that day, yet her veil was the only constant.

The last guests left at about 9pm just as the winds had picked up and a cold front rolled in - we were so blessed with the weather and the entire day. So much to celebrate and be thankful for - happy happy May Day. xxxx


  1. What a wonderful celebration of spring!!!

  2. Sacha, you captured what I experienced during the short time that I was there with you even though I missed the May Pole! Such a lovely setting - thanks so much for sharing this event.

  3. How wonderful! I love the white and the furniture outdoors. I have to agree that it makes for a much more comfortable party, and a nice setting for photos too.
    We missed our maypole party this year, so it's nice to live vicariously through yours!


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